Nanny Uses Charges To Rob Bank

A nanny in Denver is accused of using 2 children,her charges, to rob a bank-a heist allegedly planned to help her pay back money stolen from her employers. Rachel Einspahr, 28, went to the drive-thru at the Colorado East Bank & Trust in Severance-about 65 miles north of Denver - on Friday after picking up two sisters after school, according to the Weld County Sheriff's Office.

She allegedly sent a note through the vacuum tube demanding money for a man in the back of her Nissan Pathfinder threatening to hurt the girls,who are ages 7 and 1 1/2. The teller,believing the children were in danger, gave her $500, sheriff's spokesman matt Turner said. The girls were not hurt, and one told investigators there never was a man in the vehicle with them.

According to an arrest affidavit,first reported by the Greeley Tribune on Tuesday, Einspahr allegedly told investigators she wanted to rob the bank to pay back $ 15,000 of the money she stole under a possible plea agreement. Court Documents don't don't list who is representing her in the bank robbery case, but lawyers who represented her in previous cases did not return calls for comment.

According to the document,Einspahr,who is in jail,told detectives she first considered robbing a bank in larger nearby Greeley but then went back to Severance to pick up the children. She said she drove around for a while, bought the girls lollipops at a gas station and then removed her license plates and wrote a note for the teller on a side street before going ahead with the alleged robbery at a bank about a half a mile from her home, the document said.

After the robbery, investigators said she took the children to a park to play so she could put the plates back on.

Deputies, using surveillance video from the bank, found her SUV parked in front of her house and arrested her.She is scheduled to appear in court in the theft cases on Weds, when the prosecutors are also expected to file charges against her in the bank robbery


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Just a heads's generally a good idea to credit the source of the information you are using instead of just copying and pasting an article written by someone else.

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Link got cut off.

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You're right it's the GREELEY TRIBUNE, we will get a link up to it

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