Wage advice In Birmingham Al.

I am interviewing with a family right now who needs a full time nanny (M-F 8-5). They have 3 boys, but my primary work would be taking care of the 7 year old non-verbal autistic boy. I would be taking the kids to activities, doing some light housework and laundry, running errands, and then doing a lot of therapy homework with the 7YO. I have lots of experience with special needs kids, but I am not sure what I should be charging and asking for with benefits.

I told the mom I charge $19-21 an hour for special needs families. Is that about right? With all of the extra responsibilities as well?
She said we can also talk about insurance, paid holiday’s, and paid vacation/sick time. What should I ask for? She mentioned that they might need night help for babysitting/weekend help and would be interested in doing salaried. What would the best route to go with that? Is salaried or hourly better?


Unknown said...

I would do at least $21 salary up to 45 hours plus benefits any thing over 45 hrs is cash also anything over 40 hours is overtime = time & a half

hannah said...

OP here
It ends up that the family actually wants 50 hours a week. Should I do salaried since it is so many hours? I really doubt the mom or dad would be coming home early or anything because of the particular situation.
For benefits, I was thinking 3 weeks of vacation, and 5 sick days. Plus paid holidays. Does that sound fair? I am planning on doing a contract for sure and it will be a long term position.

Unknown said...

You could try hourly at first , if it doesn't work ask for salary. your vacation & sick days sound fair. I'm from mid Wisconsin and will be starting a nanny job in a few weeks long term , there will be A set of 9 yr old triplets & a set of 2 year old twins. I will be making $17.75 p/h with 35 hrs average but will not be paid less than 30 hours. I will get 2 weeks vacation we talked about sick & personal days still need to discuss more. I will only have the triplets during the summer. I will be doing very light house work such as pick up toys kids laundry once a week dishes from meals. I did negotiate the price but wish I would have asked for more.

Unknown said...

Legally nannies are never truly salaried workers. With that said, if you're typical week is 50 hours I'd decide on a set pay for that and then organize overtime above and beyond

Anonymous said...

I always go with hourly over salary. This article I found articulates the issue better than I can: http://nannybizreviews.com/2014/01/salary-the-second-most-misunderstood-word-in-the-nanny-business/

Anonymous said...

Being paid a salary is illegal!! Hourly all the way :0