Good Nanny Sighting at Target in Fitchburg, WI

The children: Boy, 12-18 months old, striped shirt and gray pants. Girl, 2-3 years old, two toned purple shirt and jeans.
 Nanny: Short, plus sized with blond and red hair. White shirt with purple sleeves, jeans and Coach bag.
Location: Target, Fitchburg, WI
Date/Time: 10/11, 1215p
Observed: The older child had an apparent test of will by sitting down in an aisle, refusing to get up and follow the nanny. I have seen other nannies and parents handle similar situations with less tact and sense. This child was being a typical preschooler, testing limits, and nanny was wonderful. Another test of will was in the parking lot (I was parked in the same row as nanny and I was loading my car). The child was holding nanny's hand and decided to let go of her hand and sit in the parking lot. Nanny tried to take the child's hand, but child refused. Nanny must have given a warning which didn't work, because she then picked up the child who was upset and in a calm tone stated she did not like the listening and that sitting in the parking lot was not a safe choice. Overall a fantastic nanny, and the family who employs her is lucky to have her.
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CleaverJune said...

Good sightings are great to see, but why exactly is this believed to be a nanny and not a parent?

also, REALLY ISYN?!? it took a week to get this post? are there few submissions or are there "issues" again?

Kara Ivy said...

I don't understand. What exactly did this nanny do?

I also agree with Cleaver June...why so little postings??

RBTC said...

thank you OP - for the positive care giver who was so patient - any nanny or parent can learn and grow from the post !!

Corina said...

Good sighting! Nice to see positive posts. As RBTC said whether a parent or caregiver one can learn from this post.

RBTC said...

Thank you Corina - there are valued people who use the sight who think it is insulting to nannies because the word "nanny" is in the title - when a reasonable person can infer - that yes we may not know with omnicient ( did i spell that right?) certainty in every case if the post is actually about a nanny, mom g-ma, - friend of family, or auntie susan - but - the goal of the site is child activism and learning - a very good goal ! ;)

Corina said...

Exactly, RBTC. 😀

this_nick said...

#1 most repeatedly annoying comment on this site is any variation of "but how do you know this was a nanny, not a parent?" Can we just infer that the poster has ample reason to determine this (for example, the child calls the adult by a first name, or the adult refers to "mommy" when speaking to the child.) This isn't rocket science, people.

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