A Fee Most Reasonable

I had a family contact me for nanny placement; from the email, the family needs someone one day per week. They are interested in the "nanny on call" service my agency provides. The on call service is meant for families with part or full time nannies who are sick, on vacation, etc. My fee for the on-call service is $50/year, with a fee of $25 due each time they need a nanny. If there is less than 24 hours notice, a fee of $40 is due. By contrast, my search fee is $300, and my part time fee is $900. Total due would be $1200 for a part time nanny.

In addition to a nanny placement, I also have a babysitting service as well. That is $50/year with assorted fees, mainly $10 each time a family needs a sitter or they can purchase a referral package of 7 referrals at $49 and 15 referrals at $84. I keep track of the referrals using a calendar and notify families when they are running low, with the option of renewing whenever they wish.

As I read through the email, I thought about my fees and I justify charging the $300 search fee, but the normal part time fee of $900 is unjustified, in my opinion. If I charge her the on call fee of $25 per week, I would make $100/month, depending on the length of the position. If I offered a referral package of 15 referrals at $84, and she used 4 packages, that would be $336 over a course of 4 months (I used 4 months because it was easier to multiply by 15 and closer to 52 weeks) which would total 60 referrals over a year that she could use for additional days and/or date night babysitting. I believe this is reasonable, and her first fee would be $384, consisting of the $300 non-refundable search fee and her first referral package, with her other referral packages paid throughout the year. This would be treated as a nanny position, only with the babysitting service fees, if that makes sense.

What does everyone think? Suggestions please


Anonymous said...

Is this an ad? Native advertising at its most shaky!

Miss Dani The Nanny said...

No, I'm looking for opinions on what to charge a family who needs a nanny one day per week. Please read before you comment!

Carolina said...

This is confusing as fuck.

" I believe this is reasonable, and her first fee would be $384......"

There ya go. You've worked with the system. You are familiar with the nuances of it all. Seems like you figured it out.

If you asked some lady to pay that down the street -,they probably wouldn't but you're dealing with someone who wants to use your agency and will be familiar with the fee structure.

Kara Ivy said...

This is the most confusing post I've ever read.

this_nick said...
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this_nick said...

Please make it readable before you post instead of scolding commentors who are rightly confused.

this_nick said...

It's like this post was just supposed to go pick up milk, but instead went around the block, stopped for coffee, and got its nails done on the way.