Pay & Help Finding the Right Nanny for a 6-9 Month Assignment

I am currently pregnant with my first and am thinking of hiring a nanny. The position would be fairly short-term; it would begin when she is 3 months old and last until she is 9-12 months old, at which point I’d like to enroll her in daycare. I can find out the going pay rate in my area easily enough but I am curious what you think would be fair as far as PTO and other benefits are concerned for a 6-9 month long position?

I’m a former nanny/babysitter myself so I definitely want to be respectful of her and not expect her to do things outside of a typical nanny job description. What duties, if any, have you had beyond the actual childcare for a young baby? For example, would baby-related cleaning duties (such as doing the baby’s laundry and keeping baby’s room clean, including dusting/vacuuming it once a week) be reasonable to expect or do you think those duties require additional compensation above the norm?

I will pay her on the books and have a contract. What types of questions would you recommend I ask during interviews? Based on my due date, we would need the nanny to start around late March/early April. When would you recommend beginning the hiring process? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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RBTC said...

you sound like a very nice mom to work for - keep us posted !

Anonymous said...

Make sure the nanny has a background check and you have written and phone references. Light duties along with childcare are fine. Ex: babies laundry, making sure all changing areas are stocked with diapers, wipes(list made for parents If items are running low) and cleaning up after baby, toys, bottles etc child related.
You could offer a bonus for the nanny at the END of the contract since short term and makes more appealing. However giving at the end makes sure the nanny doesn't get the money and walk off and also shows you appreciate her taking on a short term job.

Lacy said...

A 6 to 9 month job, is not a great job. Your going to need to make up for it in other ways. Offer more PTO then average, more perks, higher pay, and as a former nanny really remember what it was like. When the job is over, give her a reference letter, and maybe use your new found mom powers and help her find a new family.

Former Nanny said...

OP here...

RBTC- Thanks!

Anon- Good info and good idea about the job completion bonus.

Lacy- I disagree that a short-term job is inherently "not a great job." Sure- people who are looking for a long-term position won't be interested and therefore probably won't even apply, but lots of people like shorter placements for a variety of reasons. How much PTO do you think is fair? What types of perks would you offer?

Anyone else- I'm particularly wondering how far out I should begin looking for someone/interviewing.

Anonymous said...

Anon here again. When I started with a family their now oldest was already a few months old. I met mom and child and then came back again with mom here for her and child to get to know me. It was at least a month before I started. I would start a couple of months in advance and take your time finding the right fit. Once the baby is born have potential candidates come in and meet the baby and see who makes you feel most comfortable leaving your precious bundle with. You don't want to go to far in advance because people's needs change and they could end up finding something else in the mean time. However at least 2 months to give yourself time to really get a feel for who you think is the best match! You may meet someone and like them and then after second meet might decide not such a great fit!
Best of luck :)