Step Away from The Dog

I work for a great family.Kids are sweet, I truly enjoy them! The parents don't micromanage, pay well, and on time.

There are a few small things that I over look, like the fact that the parents are always late.  There's really no set schedule so each day I'm wondering when I'm coming in or going home. It usually works out to be around the same amount of hours which is fine for my budget but it really burns my butter when DM says she will be home at 8:30 and then texts me AT 8:30 saying she hasn't left yet. If she texts at all!! Its 8:30 i just finished running around the house to have everything done at that time and now basically its a waiting game. They pay me hourly, so they assume it doesn't matter but it does i have a life too. I always ask what time do think you will be home and its never the time they told me. Sometimes they say they don't know. That they could be late, when they asked me to stay late i thought they meant 10:00pm which is when DF usually comes home and the latest they know I want to stay on a school night. Nope it was 2:30 am. Mind you, I have my own children to get up for school in the morning. They know this and I'm guessing this is why they don't clarify what time exactly they will be home because they know i will say no. I have learned how to just deal with it because it's just the way their careers are.And really everything else about the job is perfect except for the main stinking issue!!!!!!!

The dog is a monster!!! Hes aggressive! ! Hes bitten the kids and attacked me! The first time he bit me the parents said hes never done that before. I had just started so I figured OK he doesn't know me, He will see I'm a good person. Then he bites the 9 year old really bad a few times over the next 6 months. The parents make it seem like i didn't protect their kids, meanwhile the kid tells me its happened before. I do everything the parents ask to change how we interact with the dog. If u drop anything and i mean anything on the floor leave it bc the dog runs to it and if you reach to pick it up your facing a real bad attack. The dogs only 25 pounds but hes vicious! ! My legs all scared up from the first time and just 2 days ago he bit the crap outta me while I was folding laundry. a sock fell on the floor I went to get it, and thank God I had a sheet in my hands because i was able to swing it in front of his face to protect my body, he ripped up the sheet but he still got my other leg. I'm pissed that I will have another scar! !! I'm pissed that the parents don't seem to think the 2 year old is gonna have his face bitten off! I'm pissed they haven't even done anything to solve this problem. I know i have been angry at work because of this. I don't feel respected at all! Its reflecting in my performance and they don't see its because of their lack of concern for me and the kids safety. I'm Sure they think I just don't like the dog and i don't want to have to take care of it is the reason the dog attacked or something stupid like that. No its simply that I've tried to like the dog but I'm done walking on egg shells around it and truth be told yeah my job would be a lot easier if the dog wasn't there.

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Lacy said...

NO one in any work place environment should have to be fearful of a dog and being attacked. This is a workman's compensation issue as well as an OSHA issue. Every time you are bit, scratched, attacked by the dog; see a doctor (documentation) but tell the family they are being billed for it because its their responsibility as an employer (workman's compensation/homeowners insurance). At this point, if you have any prof and documentation of all the attacks you have been through I would just quit-- no notice is needed and your safety is jeopardized; then file for unemployment. Usually you can get unemployment only if you were fired, but in this case you are quitting for your safety and that qualifies you.

As for the hours and the lateness, its your responsibility when they don't say what time "late" is to ask. You should request a meeting with the parents in regards to the hours, times, and days. I never work for a wishy-washy schedule, I have a life. If I am full time I can have more flexibility with my schedule-- like being given a schedule 2 weeks before it starts that changes with such 2 week notice. If the family is part time, I can only work one set schedule week to week with NO changes. But either part or full time, I tell the family my availability up front what hours I can work and days; I NEVER make a bend or exception, because it turns into "but that one time..."

In summery look for a new family if they don't respect you.

Jess said...

I'm not seeing anywhere where these people are "great". They don't respect your time at all. They take major advantage of you. And I'll bet they're not paying OT for all the late hours.

The dog issue needs to be reported to CPS ASAP. Once a dog bites a child, he must be taken out of the home. The proper authorities need to be notified post haste. You're a mandated reporter.

For me, these issues would be in surmountable and I'd quit, but you need to at least talk to the parents. Knowing when you're going to get home to your own family is a huuuuuuuuuuge deal! I had parents who were late (5-10 mins) and it drove me nuts! We finally talked about it and it no longer happens, but my NF is respectful. Good luck with Cujo!

Anonymous said...

The dog's agressivity would definitely be a deal breaker for me ! Quit, before he injures you badly!

Kat said...

I'd quit, call the police, and CPS.