The Affleck Affect

I feel like ranting but I don't know at who, exactly. I think I am pissed of at Ben Affleck's nanny. Could she be more obviously in love with him? He's a movie star, I am sure a lot of people have a thing for him. She is the nanny. She had no composure or regard for his family?

My husband has been strutting around all week following this news. Why? Because we have known for awhile that our nanny has a crush on him. I'm pretty sure I'm pissed off at him, although I have no reason to.

We usually have a good relationship, but I don't know why this unnerved me?
Is it because Jennifer Garner is gorgeous?

My husband and I joke around alot.

Last night we were talking and he said. "It's really enough to know that I could 'have' the nanny"
This pissed me off so I said something uncharacteristic. I said, "yeah, all 200 pounds of her"
To which he said, "But she's 22"
I didn't say anything, because I didn't want him to know I was for some reason really mad. So he said again. "Ahhhh 22"

This only made me feel worse about being 44.

Our nanny is my right hand. Many people find my husband attractive. Why am I so unnerved by this? I am a strong, confident woman and my reaction to this is making me hate myself!

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k said...

Your husband is a douchenozzle! My husband would get junk punched so hard if he said dumb shit like that to me! How insecure do you have to be to get your jollies off some young person's crush?

Our nanny is gorgeous. Doesn't phase me. My husband is secure enough not to need any extra validation. He respects our marriage and himself.

Ben Aflec isn't cute. Where we used to live, there were many rumors he cheated. Not my circus Not my monkeys .

Other people's actions have no affect on my personal life.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your husband sounds like a douche, but you sound like a gossip queen. Get your nose out of celebrity news and rejoin the real world. He might be picking on you because you're talking about garbage stuff like celebrity gossip.

Monika said...

This literally made me laugh. Stop, worrying about utter nonsense. There are real problems in the world

Anonymous said...

You just need to put on your big girl panties and get over it. Can't you take a joke?