RACISM & The Job

    I have the second long term boyfriend that I have had since being a nanny. The first boyfriend was white. It was normal for him to pick me up at the house, come to the door, etc. I am a live-in.
    I have been seeing this guy for 3 months and only recently let him have my address, pick me up at my house. My employer told me she would "prefer" if I would meet him at our destination and that she didn't want any "strange men" coming to her house.
    What do I say to this? She had no problems when my White boyfriend came to the house.  What gives them the right? Since I live here, don't I have rights as a tenant? When you are a nanny, dating is always hard because you have to meet at a destination first and for the longest time. I like being picked up and having a door held open for me. I know this is just because he is black!

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this_nick said...

You say "why was it ok for my other boyfriend to pick me up here but not this one?"

Tresa said...

Sounds like a racist. Is this NJ?

Former Nanny said...

How long had you been dating your previous boyfriend before he began coming by the house? If it was also 3 months, then I agree there is something off about her only having an issue with your new boyfriend who happens to be black.

If you had been dating the previous boyfriend much longer, it could be less to do with race than it seems. Or maybe she was okay with her kids being exposed to one guy but doesn't want them exposed to a series of guys. I agree with Nick's suggestion.

Anonymous said...

They're your boss. You're at their house. If they don't want someone coming into their house, that's their right. Quit if you don't like it.