I live in a neighborhood with several nannies. One of the nannies is always yelling at the kids, pulling them harshly inside, chasing the kids around, screaming at them. It will be calm for three hours and then not calm. I have also heard the nanny say "Fucking Fuck". So I didn't want to deal with the issue but wanted to alert the parents, I guess similar to why this blog exists. Or not, I don't even know. I wrote:

      She charged at me at 8:00 this morning. Banged on my front door. My daughter was at my knees and she started screaming at me that I had an "unnatural interest" in her nanny and children and that I must be "deviant" and that I needed to mind my own business or she would have to file a restraining order against me. She also told me that I made her nanny uncomfortable.
     So, I ask you ISYN, what did I do wrong? By the way, I never admitted I didn't send her a note or anything. I didn't have the choice. I didn't say much because I didn't want to lose my cool in front of my child.
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Anonymous said...

No worries. Nanny is a Bit$!. She probably got a talkin to/fired and needed someone to blame. You did the right thing. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Oops-I meant parent.

Affleck's Frenchy said...

I agree. I think that french nanny who boffed affleck knew this do nothing diddle diddlebdad husband of this derelict mom.

Anonymous said...

Some parents hire nannies based on how strict they are and how forcefully the nanny will uphold the parent's rules and demands on their children.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.... I'm not sure I believe you , I would say 50/50 you are overreacting.

I am a French Nanny and we tend not to raise children the same way as Americans.( of course not all Americans i work for one at the moment and it's a perfect match)

The reason why I am saying that is because I've worked for quiet a lot of families. And a lot of Americans I've came across tend to give in to the kids tantrums and when I tried to dicipline them, I got calmed down quiet quickly by the family. They tend to be permissive while French tend to be authoritative (not to be confused with authoritarian)

What I mean is that the French way of Nannying/parenting is that we dicipline the children and if they don't behave, they will get a maximum of 3 warnings and if ignored consequences. They have to use manners, tidy their room themselves ,be polite, if they don't eat their food, nothing else is offered appart from fruits until the next meal/snack and a number of other rules that if breached will trigger warning followed by consequences.

When I took my decision that they will be punished, they can cry all the tears in the world, I'll still go through with it. It's only when it's done that I give them a summary of why they ended up there and only once I've had an apology, Only then i give them affection and we go back to what we are doing. I also never forget to let them know that even if I have to punish them, I love them. This is not them as a person but what they do that needs correction.

When it comes to hiring , it's also 50/50 some parents do want a nanny that will be firm but fair with their kid and some others will be considering that giving a time out is child abuse. As soon as they see a nanny being firm to a child, they will see it as child abuse and there is 50/50 chances that you might be one of them.