Odd Nannies at Davis Park in Scarsdale, NY

I noticed two nannies using rough language and doing strange things at Davis Park yesterday, 8/6. The nannies had one toddler each. They were holding the toddlers up to this board marked with heights and roughly posing the kids for mugshots. Like turning the kids head for a side profile and holding it there, despite the kids being uncomfortable. As this went on, I didn't want to say anything because I suspect the two nannies might have been on something, like spice or alcohol. They then took pictures of themselves as mugshots on that same railing, still using rough language. Both of the kids had their own stroller, but she literally plopped one baby on top of the other to get the photo shot she wanted. I can't say for certain what was going on. Bad language, acting high and no care about making babies cry. Also, do you want your nanny taking pictures of your baby?

The nannies:
Nanny 1: Black, young, under 25, straight hair into a long ponytail, slim, tall, tan pants, tan flip flops, white t-shirt that said "TURKS".
Nanny 2, Black, 30-40. under 5'4", about 180lbs, red shorts, black converse high top tennis shoes, short hair razor cut with red or magenta ends.

The babies:
Baby 1 was in a GRACO umbrella stroller with green and white stripes. There was a stuffed giraffe and matching blanket on the stroller.
Baby 2 was in blue more cumbersome stroller. Don't know the brand, but it looked heavy. It was mostly all dark blue, the wheels were grey. Baby 2 was older, maybe almost 2.

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omg. you people are ridiculous. honestly.