Perverts in New Jersey

I am asking this for another person. A 20 year old takes a summer live-in nanny/babysitter job in Northern New Jersey.  Her female employer offers her alcohol multiple times to which the nanny says she does not drink. On one occasion, the nanny did take the alcohol. She tells me it was one vodka martini that she tried but did not drink and one Miller Lite bottle.

The nanny wakes up a few hours later and she is completely naked with her female employer who is sleeping. They are in the home theater of the house which has a sofa set up that is "like a large square bed". The nanny gets her clothes and retreats silently to her room. She feels disgusted but has no memory of what happened. She feels some pain in her vaginal area but has no idea why.

The next morning the nanny says everything was as if nothing ever happened. She reported that she felt sick and nauseous most of the day. When the father comes back from his business trip, things continue as normal. She is alone with him for one second in the laundry room when he says to her, "I guess I missed all the fun here while I was in St. Louis. I don't like to be left out." That totally creeped her out but no one has said anything since. four more days have passed.

I told her she just needs to get out of the house, even make an excuse and return home. She says she is afraid that they will say gross things about her. I told her they shouldn't, because she isn't of age to drink and regardless of who you are with, you have to be present enough to consent to sexual activity. My friend just wants to keep going and ignore all of this. I know she is embarrassed, but she's a 20 year old girl! I think whatever did happen was sinister! She's paid under the table so she doesn't have any rights.  Or does she?

What would you do if this was your best friend?


RBTC said...

your feelings are correct - this is evil behaviour - there may be a video out there, if she has the courage she should get the police involved, they have targeted her for a reason - they can tell she is naive and they can cajole her - try to get her out of there - keep us updated, yes she is in danger

Yea ok said...

Nice fail at a penthouse letter. Calling all the B.S. on this! "Not today, Satan. Not today!"

Corina Yildiz said...

It doesn't matter how she is paid. Everyone has rights. This isn't about her job. It's about violation against her. But I don't know how she will prove anything. Unless like above poster stated there may be a video streaming around. She should have gone ASAP to the hospital and tell them she was drugged. Maybe just maybe other people came into the room while passed out.

RBTC said...

yes, thinking about it - this is a serious crime - i hope the OP gets out of there and better yet has the courage to take legal action

Miss Dani The Nanny said...

A vodka martini. A bottle of Miller Lite. Nanny is passed out.

Unless the nanny is five feet and 90 pounds, there is no way she would be drunk off one beer, unless there was a roofie in there or she drank more than what she told you. And I'm willing to bet if she drank more, it was laced.

Pain in her vaginal area? I would have her go to the ER immediately and get a rape kit. Who knows what really happened?

Keep us posted!

Biggity Baddity Wolfee said...

Yea Okay,
Please take a walk out of your padded cell/white walled purgatory and realize the world is a big place. Sometimes things happen. Epically awesome and incredibly shitty. I know you are desperate to be THAT girl..the one that no one ever gets one over on. What happened to you? Mom didn't hold you enough as a child? Held you too much?
Take advantage of the mental health resources on the net. I think you should start with anxiety counseling. See, you can simply say something like "there are no such things as bears" when camping in the woods. You cannot. You can however, praise God or your higher power and find the peace you need to carry on.

Yea ok said...

Yea ok. Good job failing at everything! I hope you didn't waste any money getting the counseling degree - which I'm sure you do not have.

I am not as gullible as some of the rest of you. Don't believe this story. #sorry#notsorry.

Why do you GAF? Did you lose sleep? Does my disbelief affect your paycheck and or otherwise impact your life?

No!?! OK then! You CAN move on with your enlightened, belive- everything life!

Also, you may want to invest in a dictionary. Anxiety doesn't mean what you think it means. Especially if you think my post came across as anxious

this_nick said...

*grabs popcorn*

Jill said...

Yep! And tea! Although there may be tea spilling happening soon anyway!

Biggity Baddity Wolfee said...

Bitch.I just don't like you. I'd like to see your ugly mug just to smack it nine times & take a steaming dump on your wide nose. You best believe that. Hollah.

Yea ok said...

Oh! Scared now #not!

p.s And I'm the one who needed counseling? Have several _/ _/ _/!