Good Nanny Sighting at the Palisades Mall in Nyack, NJ

Date: 8/4/2015
Location: Palisades Mall
Description of Nanny: Black Nanny, American. Short, well coiffed hair, white t-shirt with gold cat on it. White jeans. White sandals with a wedge heel. About5'7"/5'8" with a trim shape.
Description of Child: Special Needs Child, girl of about 4/5, in diapers, with glasses and a Lily Pullitzer style dress.
Incident: The child was having some behavior problems, tantrum throwing and hitting the nanny. The little girl would scream "AYKKKKEEE  AYCKKKKE". The nanny was not loving the attention from the people around her but she ignored them and shielded the girl from their stares by positioning the child away from onlookers. She was wearing nice white jeans and dropped immediately to her knees and gave her a tight hug. She talked to her in such a soft yet firm voice. She told the girl she was hurting her and to please stop. It turns out the child was started on this fit by some Helium balloons. An onlooker tried to intercede and give her a balloon. The nanny tried to implore the guy with her eyes. She was shaking her head. The guy was still insisting and this is when the girl was pretty much calmed. She was still chirping, but calm. The nanny finally said, "We can't take the balloon, Thank you.". This set the girl off again and she went chasing after the man. The nanny stopped her, scooped her up tried to keep her calm. She was screaming for the balloon but she had a speech problem. The nanny tried to explain to her that they could not have balloons. She told her, "remember when balloons hurt? Ow". The way this little girl was staring into this nanny's eyes, so desperate to have her make sense of things for her. I am so glad to witness that and so glad that little girl's parents obviously took exceptional care to find such a calm, collected and loving nanny. The nanny distracted her by offering a ride on the Merry Go Round but then told her they had to find tennis shoes after one ride.

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Corina said...

So nice to hear stories like this! I hope family appreciates all her work