My nanny seems wonderful, except that she seems to show a strong favoritism for the older, 9 year old child. The 7 year old has more behavior issues, but he is sensitive to this favoritism. I want to bring it to the nanny's attention in a respectful way so she considers it and doesn't feel attacked or criticized.  She's a really good nanny, she even has a 4 year degree in early childhood education. My hesitation to say anything is only to not upset a good thing.


Julie said...

Can you give you give us some examples of the favoritism please? It would help us to be able to give you better suggestions, I think.

RBTC said...

it's essential that you solve this - it can really affect the younger one's esteem - you are a great mom to pay attention

this_nick said...

If she exhibits strong favoritism towards one child, she doesn't seem that wonderful to me. :/