(Another) Nanny Altercation at JJ Byrne Park

I got into an argument with your nanny yesterday at JJ Byrne Park. I was rolling our wagon with one child and a picnic lunch towards the tables. Your nanny was changing your child on a table top. She also took the cloth diaper your child was wearing and flung the poop patty in the bushes. I said, "Like most people, we are here to eat on the tables".
    The nanny looked at my wagon and said, "yeah if I travelled with a portable changing table, it would be no big deal."
I said, "It is a big deal. You're changing a bowel movement on a table people are going to eat at."
She said,"Well pick another table."
I said, "Well I will because I saw your changing the baby on the table, but what for the next person?"
She said,"Oh get over yourself"
I said, "And that stinks, why don't you go pick that up and retrieve of it properly."\
She looked at the area I was pointing at and said, "You're a riot. No."
I said, "looks like your employer had grueling standards."
She said, "What does that mean?"
I said, "What do you think it means?"
She said, "What does that mean? Why are you talking about my boss? Who told you to talk about my boss? What do you know about my job?" (She said this and so much more getting so irritated.)
I said, "Nevermind. We're having lunch,do you mind?"
My two year old was climbing out of the wagon then and she kicked the wagon so hard, the blue cooler fell out and over. I stepped closer to her to get my two year old behind me. I said, "Whoa, calm the heck down."
She said, "You're gonna regret this. You are going to regret this".
She's now holding the baby she changed but glaring at me like a psycho. Mytwo year old burst in to tears This nanny looks at my charge and says, "I'd cry too if I had such a bad nanny."
Fortunately then she left.
But if someone is throwing feces and putting bare butts on picnic tables, don't I have the right to say? This nanny was so angry. She was Puerto Rican, overweight, with a big stomache, tight brown pants and a florally shirt that was see through with a tank underneath. She had three braids on one side of her head with blue beads in them. She was light skinned, with medium hair and an eyebrow ring. The kid she was taken care of was about 5-8 months in a red checkered suit,


Julie said...

"whoa, calm the heck down..." yeah, I'm sure that's what you said...

melissa said...

It's a picnic table outside. I really don't think it's that big a deal. Throwing the poop in the bushes, yeah, that's a problem. That attracts animals and insects, so I can understand being upset about witnessing that. But seriously, changing a baby's butt on an outside table just wouldn't throw me. Especially not enough to start an argument.

melissa said...

Beside the fact that the other nanny could have been a psycho. What if she had hit you or pushed you? I guess my question is what kind of standards does YOUR employer have if she hires a nanny that starts with other people in front of their child? It's not worth it. Ever.

Nanny Sarah said...

I do not believe your version BTW. Fwiw, I always assume public surfaces are dirty when I'm out with my kids. We carry a portable table cloth with us . The kind you can wash and wipe down.

Also arguing in front of kids is not a good idea. You never know if someone is going to react violently. What if she'd attacked you. Is being right/showing you're the better nanny worth that risk?

In your place, I'd have made note of who the nanny was and that's it. Maybe post a bad sighting or tell her NF.

I just don't seek out drama. It seems you do.

Jenny said...


Nanny M said...

I agree with all of the above comments. I honestly would've just minded my business........especially if I wasn't going to sit there. The picking and prodding for an arguement that you did put YOUR charge in danger of something that could've possibly happened, considering you did not know this nanny.

Anonymous said...

I would have minded my business but baby changing on eating surfaces is foul.

Corina said...

Sorry that is totally disgusting! To change a diaper on a table that will be used to have lunch or snacks on, gross!
How can anyone in their right mind think no big deal?
Just be careful next time some people are crazy OP. I am glad you called her out. She knew she was in the wrong otherwise she wouldn't get so pissed off.

Kim said...

It may be "foul" but no one made OP the picnic table police. If you antagonize crazy people, you should be prepared for crazy. She posted here to get a bunch of "atta girl" replies. Girl bye! Ain't no body got time for that!

Anonymous said...

I said it was foul. I also said I would have minded my business. Disgusting people will be disgusting. Calling them out doesn't work.

Corina said...

I think she had great responses.

Some Young-Lady said...

A) people change babies everywhere. On tables in RESTAURANTS. A picnic table is already dirty, just by being outdoors. Do you know what bacteria and diseases wildlife carry? Ps- you likely encounter poop (fecal matter) regularly. And yes sometimes while eating lunch, the baby poops. Get over yourself.

B) Pretty sure if you were my nanny I would fire you. Putting my child at risk because you needed to call someone out for something you see as morally wrong is NOT how I would expect a nurterer to react in that situation. Shame her on FB, but do not dare to cause confrontation in front of someone else's children.

As a nanny I see shit I think is wrong and gross all the time. But I keep my mouth shut because I'm not there to tell them how to not be a shitty human being or that my sensbilities are offended, I'm there to work. That means my focus is on MY charges, not anyone else's kids or the adults who brought them!

RBTC said...

OP - don't listen to the harshness here - you stood up for yourself and did not wimp out from fear - one day this will stand you in good stead

Corina said...


UGH!! said...

@RBTC or RTD2, do you even read the f'ing posts!?! You come in saying the same B.S time and again: "No harshness! Let's all hold hands. OP, ignore the harshness." What is with you? Why do you give a D about people's tones? What's so wrong with harsh? The world isn't made up of butterfly kisses and Rainbow Unicorn hugs! Gah! I wish this site had an Ignore User feature!

Corina Yildiz said...

This is a site where we can express our own thoughts. Just because we don't agree with you, doesn't mean there is a problem. We all have our own thoughts. Why are you getting yourself all worked

Corina Yildiz said...


this_nick said...

Wow, another big bad anon. So impressive.