Drinking Problem & Nanny Liability

Greetings ISYN,
     I left my last job for a great job in Connecticut about four months ago. The family seems really nice. I have noticed a problem however and I wonder how it affects me as I live-in. Mom is often gone on the weekends, she plays tennis, goes shopping and gets her nails done. Dad seems to stay home a lot. He has a car he works on in his garage. The children are 1 & 4.
     I have a nanny vehicle and come and go as I like. I have noticed sometimes when I come home from an afternoon movie or shopping..usually around 4-6, that Dad is passed out on the sofa and once even on a chair in his garage area/man cave. He isn't passed out from being tired. There are always Budweiser bottles everywhere.
     I know for a fact the children go down for their nap from 1-3. I think what happens is Dad drinks like crazy then and then gets the kids up. But after he gets the kids up, he passes out. When I have found Dad passed out, the kids were:
1) downstairs alone in the basement playroom
2) the three year old was playing in Mom's make up upstairs and the 1 year old was ripping up magazines on the sofa by the Dad.
3) the 1 year old was still in her crib and the three year old was out back (unfenced) on her swing-set.

     The problem is, Mom has seen this to and she doesn't stop what she is doing. I know for a fact she has come and gone from some of the same scenes I have found. I find myself stopping what I am doing, putting the kids in  the family room with a movie. I even stayed one afternoon in the playroom because I was so upset/mad/shaken.

     The family is one of those beautiful families that everything seems perfect. Flawless house, yard, etc. I don't think they would welcome my input on this. I would love to suggest to them that they consider a weekend nanny. I have to imagine they could definitely afford it! I am so afraid of something happening to the kids, but they don't seem to have the slightest concern that this is abnormal.

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Anonymous said...

You're a mandated reporter, and you've made it clear on the internet that you know what has been going on. God forbid something happens, you can be liable, too, if you don't report this immediately.

Jenny said...

Is this even a question? You're a mandated reporter. Report this unsafe situation asap!

Anonymous said...

Report NOW you can be anonymous but you are required BY LAW to report this

CleaverJune said...

1. Write down and keep track of every single instance this happens. DOCUMENT THE SHIT OUT OF THIS! In addition, take photographs of dad passed out.
2. Explain to parents that you are a mandated reporter and that not only is this unsafe, it is illegal for you NOT to report it.
3. Look for a new job.
4. If it happens again, and you are there, take the children with you, DO NOT LEAVE THEM in the care of a passed out parent. That can be construed as criminal negligence. Leave a note telling passed out dad you have the children and will contact the mother to find out where she is and take them to her. Then, TEXT her to find out where she is (you want proof that you contacted her,) and take them to her. Do not just keep them with you. If you feel strongly enough, call the PD and let them know the situation so that no one can accuse you of any wrong doing.
5. GTFO of this situation as fast as you possibly can.

RBTC said...

agree w cleaverj, you must solve the situation

nc said...

Document everything, and report it the next time it happens.