The Best Fit Nanny for a 2 Year Old

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We live in a neighborhood in Westchester County where many of the nannies are from the Caribbean, Jamaica, Trinidad, etc. I am looking for a nanny to take over when my mother in law moves to Florida. She has provided the car for my 2 year old daughter. I registered with two agencies and I have been sent a good amount of resumes to look over.

When I imagined hiring a nanny, I imagined her to be American, College educated and very athletic. That is not the norm of the nanny here. Having a two year old child, the nanny would need to make friends with the neighborhood nannies to be involved in their park outings, playgroups and playdates. I haven't seen much mixing of your typical American or English nanny with your Island nannies. The Island nannies also tend to be older.

Does anyone have good experiences of nannies bridging cultural gaps? Or could I find an Island nanny to fit what I am looking for, someone to play on the floor, play chase and hide and seek, read to her multiple times a day, create learning activities and adventures, take her swimming at the Y, etc. I'm lost here. I need my nanny to drive. If I hire the nanny I think I like the best, (assuming she is interested), I would think she would be very lonely here. I know I've been spoiled by having my mother in law provide the care because she raised her son much the same way I was raised, so she naturally did those things I would want done with my child. I have been told by nannies of each group that "nannies are clique-y". Each nanny was refering to another group though.


nc said...

Personally, I would hire the person who feel will be the best fit for your child. It might be tough for her to make friends, but I'm sure she will be able to find at least one person to have playdates with. Plus, there should be classes in your area your nanny can take your child to, where she would be able to interact with other kids.

Sophia Hanson said...

As a nanny I would tell you to hire someone you think is the best fit with your child. Sign them up for classes where they both can make friends. I make plenty of play dates for the kids with people we've met through gymnastics, swimming, kindermusik, preschool and soccer. Plus I make play dates on a regular basis with two moms that are friends with my MB. I also have friends that have children and make play dates with them. If you hire someone in their late 20s they will probably have some friends that have babies and can do the same. Introduce your nanny to some of your friends with kids the same age and let them make play dates. You are going to have much more success and be much more comfortable if you hire someone you want rather than who you think the rest of the neighborhood nannies want.

Anonymous said...

O.o Be careful with your words ladym "American" and "English" have nothing to d; with where one was born. People from the islands can be Americanized, shocker! Smdh

this_nick said...

Hire a nanny who has the ability to make play date relationships with other nannies and stay-at-home parents. This doesn't require her to strike up friendships outside of the mutual desire for play dates, but she needs to have the outgoing nature and confidence it takes. As far as her being lonely, if you hire this type of person, she doesn't necessarily seek her social life among other nannies, anyway. She'll find people who share her interests in the community. Plus you're only a train ride away from the city; there are plenty of social options there for her off time.