Looking for Nanny Andrea in Tribecca

Yoshinori Mozneko
      I am looking for answers about my nanny Caroline and her odd behavior. Caroline did not show up for work last Monday, but texted me that she quit. On Tuesday, she showed up to work. I was home, with the intent to be home. Her demeanor and charm had me considering that I of course must have taken the text wrong and that she hit the wrong button. (Message: I'm not coming to work today. I'm done. You will have to find another nanny). Caroline claimed that done should have said "sick" and that of course I would need another babysitter that day. It made sense at the time. I got dressed and went in to work late.
     Other strange things that I noted: she broke a bottle of southern comfort while dusting,"I was just trying to be helpful", I shook the garbage bag one morning to make sure there were no recyclables and heard something weird. I looked and saw those clothing sensors, five of them in the bag and one even had fabric around it. I came home one evening a bit early and smelled something strange.Caroline was standing in the kitchen at the stove, under the fan, smoking oregano out of a tobacco pipe. She saw me and didn't even flip, she told me, "you don't mind do you? It's just like cooking spaghetti sauce, it can't hurt anyone." She would also "organize" things like my china hutch, the party and present cupboard, the hall closet, even my bathroom. I told her she didn't need to do that and at the time, I though I hurt her feelings. Now, I am realizing that we may be missing several things. None of them appear to  be of great value. But Caroline texted me on Tuesday and said she was in a car accident and would have to get physical therapy so she couldn't come back to work for me. I texted her to "call me" and asked if she was okay. She texted back "I have two broken legs. :(." I tried to call her but she did not pick up. I texted her a few more times and no response. The next day the phone was disconnected. I emailed her at the email address we had originally used for hiring correspondence and the emails came back to me.
   Yes, I can just move on, but I would really like to know what went on with her. During the time she worked for us; from April-July, she took the kids several times to meet up with her friend Andrea who was a nanny in the same area. They would meet at the Pier 25 Play Area. Andrea has two kids she nannies for, the boy was 4 (Jack) and the girl was 2. I don't recall her name.
    If you know Andrea, I would like to talk to her about reaching Caroline. Please contact this website and they will provide you my phone and email information. I feel it is important to have some questions answered.
    Thank you


CleaverJune said...

Wow. It sounds like you were taken for a ride by your nanny! I think I'm pretty reasonable in my assumption that you have been royally ripped off. I would definitely go through ALL of your things to see whats missing, and I would make sure that in the future you do more to find a quality nanny, and be aware of the bad signs. It seems as if there were some pretty big red flags from get-go. (Is Oregano a euphemism, or was she actually smoking a seasoning? ) I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I hope that moving forward you can find an honest nanny, and that this experience doesn't leave you weary of everyone in this profession. There are a great number of "us," that would never dream of acting so unprofessionally.

I hope that you and Andrea are put in touch. I hope that you can find out everything you feel you need to know, and I hope that if she stole ( I'd bet my last dollar she did,) that you can have some sort of legal recourse.

Again, so sorry this happened to you.

Nan said...

Sounds like you dodged a bullet! What a crazy situation! Not only was she a thieving, lying, no-good nanny, but she couldn't even be bothered to lie convincingly.

Look carefully around your house. I'd bet anything she stole a lot from you. Next time get a nanny cam. It'll protect you and nanny. I'm hoping you background checked her but it just didn't show up. Or maybe she hadn't ever been caught stealing.

Anonymous said...

Caroline was full of crap and you fell for some of it. She did quit. Done and sick, even using the slide motion, wouldn't be interchanged. She sounds impulsive, selfcentered and definitely suspect a theif. Move on and learn from this experience. Ftr, I highly doubt she broke both her legs....if she did, she wouldn't have even mentioned physical therapy because that is MONTHS down the road. She's a bullshitter.


Gish said...

Yep. Caroline is a lying liar who lies! Good riddance to bad rubbish

Miss Dani The Nanny said...

My policy with liars is that karma will catch up with them.

This nanny sounds like my now ex best friend: total train wrecks with the maturity level of a teenager. (Long story short I ended the friendship of 12 years because of her lack of maturity, time and respect toward me and our ffriendship. The reason for that? Her insecurity and boyfriend. She too busy trying to get pregnant on purpose and she can't be without him. A few months ago, she claimed she was pregnant, went to the doctor and disappeared for eight days, claiming she broke her phone. I asked about a due date, and she tells me " 'between November 22nd and the end of November.' " I already know she's lying for attention, and I blew her off again.)

I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to use you for a reference. Be completely honest with the reference, and with yourself about the interview process, etc. and what you learned from this experience.

Keep us posted!



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