New nanny here!

I had a third party suggest me as a live-in nanny for a family in Philadelphia. We met, interviewed and they hired me. And now I live in Philadelphia!!!

I have never worked as a nanny per say, before. I worked in a daycare and at a camp. I have never lived with anyone that wasn't family.

I figured it would take awhile to adjust but I am also afraid the family is not happy with me. I really want to keep this job.

One complaint I have heard to my face is that I do not keep the children quiet.  The father is a musician and works late into the night and likes to sleep very late in the day, sometimes until dinner. It is summer time and I like to keep the kids busy but it isn't always possible to be out of the home. What do you do when a parent says, "Can I get some quiet in this house?" all of the time? Like I said, it is summer. He seems to be a very grumpy person, like he yells a lot. Then when he does wake up, sometimes things are going on. One time, he woke up and his son and I had built a tent in the dining room with blankets and chairs and stuff. He walked in and got mad and said, "what the fuck is this? This is why we have a playroom, a backyard. This is why they have their own bedrooms." Then he kicked at the fort and went and made something to eat, but slamming drawers and cupboards the whole time.

I don't feel he likes me. I really wanted to make this work at least for a year. The mom is a physician and doesn't yell or stuff. She seems to like me.

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Lori W. said...

That sucks to have to deal with that, for sure. Musicians (artists) are an emotional bunch. But, maybe keep the kids either outside or in their playroom and bedrooms? He wants them out of sight. Maybe do an outing each day while he is asleep? I would also speak with the mother, ask her for suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Yes-Ask the mom for suggestions... But make sure you phrase it in a way that won't get you fired. Try "I'm concerned that the children's play and noise are keeping your husband awake during the day; do you have any suggestions to avoid this?"
Avoid using blaming words phrases when talking to her about her husband.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....a guy who should not be a parent. Smdh. Unbelievable. What a lovely impression he's making on his kids. I feel sorry for them.

Yes, talk to mom. Maybe she will also talk some sense into dad. Dad should also get a noise machine and earplugs.


kendra said...

Time for a new job! No one gets to yell at me! There are tons of great jobs out there. No need to put up with this crap! It's summer. If he wants them out of the house all the time, he needs to pony up money to take them. But it's not fair that the kids can't be kids. Has he heard of ear plugs? White noise machines?

Zara Thustra said...

This sounds like a bad situation for everyone. If quitting isn't an option, I would recommend sitting down with BOTH parents and making a plan for the rest of the summer that included guidelines for acceptable times to play in the house.

Ask for some options for you and the children. Rec center memberships, kids' classes, use of a car or bus pass to take them to the park, movie tickets, friends' phone numbers for playdates, library story time, free concerts or cultural events, museums, nature walks, bikes for riding...

In the summer my charge and I are NEVER in the house. Sounds like you and the kids would benefit from letting the grouch get his ugly sleep while YOU guys suck the marrow out of life this August. Is this a daily issue? May need to get some new creative ideas in the mix! The kids prob aren't thrilled to be tiptoeing around the house and getting yelled at for playing any more than you. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I suggest taking kids outside. My family just welcomed a new baby so the 3 older boys and I spend all days either in the backyard, health club (swimming pool) or the park - this way parents have some quite time to nap and the boys can get their energy out and use the indoor voice in the house. Good luck!