Ultimate Passing the Buck

Who doesn't love Amelia Bedlia?
I fired my nanny and she tells me she needs time to get out.
We hired her off Craig's list for $300 a week plus room and board in June to help with the summer schedule. Summer is winding down and I can't stand her anymore, so I let her know with specifics why we were terminating her, I even offered her a letter of reference.

Now the problem. She is looking for an apartment. She says if I want her gone today, than I could make it happen by paying her first and last in an apartment. We aren't Beverly Hills people. We paid her $300 a week because that was the best we can do.

I was looking forward to her moving out today, but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen. I was thinking of posting this:

"Our summer needs have been met and now our wonderful, athletic and active nanny is available for a live in position in the Rancho Cucamonga area. Nanny drives, has own late model vehicle, swims, cooks and cleans. She is an American nanny with a high school diploma, best yet, she is available as soon as this weekend. The children, my husband and I loved having her here, but we will be traveling for the better part of August and don't need her services. To speak to her, please call.... To reach me, please email. She came with a great reference and she's leaving with another!"

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Lifelong New Yorker said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're going to give a good reference to a nanny you're firing for cause? As a tenant, she has certain rights according to the jurisdiction in which you live, oftentimes 30 days or more following notice. Don't be the source of bad karma.

Anonymous said...

^That's right. If you did not give her 30 days or more notice (depending on your state), she does not have to move before then. It sounds like your firing reasons are personality traits you don't like, otherwise, I can't see you giving her a good reference.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

The reference letter is great and kind of you as it shows that you don't just fire her like a piece of garbage.

If she was a live-in , she do need time to find either another live-in family or a new decent flat to be in. Helping her paying a deposit could be an option, otherwise you should make her sign a contract saying that you give her a certain time to get back on her feet and find something else.

300 a week wasn't a lot for a salary so maybe you could let her something like 2 weeks notice to move out or give 2 weeks of severence.

Good luck !

Jennifer said...

Let me get this straight. You hired a nanny, underpaid her, decided your "needs were now met", fired her without notice and now expect her to just GTFO? Is this what I'm reading? What a horrible waste of space you are, op. Shame on you!

She is a tenant. She has 30 days to find somewhere else to go. You can: pay first and last, pay her a decent severance so she can find a new place quickly OR wait 30 day while she finds work, gets some money and another living situation.

Karma is a bitch! I hope you get your comeuppance!!!

Julie said...

Wow. you are quite the asshole. Who says that they can't wait to get rid of her, and in the same post says that they want to give a glowing reference? You sound incredibly manipulative and dishonest. I sure as hell hope that your fired nanny reads your posting and takes it into consideration when she is contemplating your lack of notice, severance pay, and desire for her to leave immediately.

1. You are obligated by California law (unless there is a Rancho Cucamonga in another state,) to give her 30 days notice to vacate the premises after the termination of your work agreement. Why? Because she basically rented that room from you and paid for it in the work she did for you and your family.
2. You are either lying about her quality of work, or don't actually have cause for firing her.
3. You are trying to pawn her off on someone else by your posting, and you are volunteering someone who doesn't even work for you anymore, to start work this weekend - did you even speak to the nanny? Did you ASK her if she can start a new job tomorrow? Hello?!? She may have a life, or plans already made for this weekend. Just because you are a complete jerk for termination without notice doesn't mean she isn't entitled to a day off before she starts a job search. You don't get to control when she takes or starts a new position. You don't get to control her job search at all. You can OFFER to help with it, but the reality is that you need to ask her what You can do for HER, in that area.
4.The nanny is absolutely right in that if you want her out faster than a month, you can feel free to pay for it. she doesn't HAVE to leave before a month, so its up to you to either suck it up, or assist her in a new place in a manner that the nanny deems fit.
5. You were way underpaying her. Even with room & board included, you have taken serious advantage of her. If you couldn't afford a nanny at the going rate there, you should put your kids in daycare.
6. Even if all you could afford was $300/week, you didn't have the decency or curtesy of giving her notice or severance. This for a nanny that you are going to give a "great reference." Ask yourself honestly - why SHOULD this nanny want to bust her but to move out early just to make you happy?

Anonymous said...

Julie-you hit the nail on the head. brava.

Anonymous said...

Well said Julie. People from Craigslist are Cheap , they don't want to pay but sure they have high expectations. I live in California. .I believe that the nanny was working slave job...long hours...doing everything. .for $300 a week??? No wayy

Miss Dani The Nanny said...

If you ever contacted me to discuss a position, I would be more than happy to talk with you.

If, during that conversation, you gave the slightest hint you are cheap, overbearing and obnoxious, I would find a polite way to end the conversation and not even bother regretting it.

You don't need to find childcare. Stay home and take care of your own kids. You are a bigger headache than a hangover headache,

Lacy said...

OP, I have news for you. You live in California, this means your live in nanny is an tenant. Because your nanny has been a resident in your home for more then 30 days, she has established residency. The fact that she has established residency means you must give her 30 days to move out; if she doesn't move out in 30 days then you have do a formal eviction process. I live in CA too, its the law, there is no way around it.

$300/week for a live-in doing 45 hours a week is SHITY pay. Shame on you OP. If you want her out ASAP you are going to need to do what she requested.

this_nick said...