Gift Ideas

-I will be with my current family for a year come this September. They have probably been the best family I have ever worked. I wanted to show my appreciation with a gift of some sort. I offer date nights which they don't always take once a month. I gave them a scrapbook of C for Christmas. Any ideas would be appreciated.

-I have been a nanny for three years for this family and my boss is coming home with baby #3. I'd like to get her something special, something that maybe her regular friends and family wouldn't think of. Do any moms have ideas of especially meaningful gifts for new baby?

-My nanny just graduated with her Associate's Degree in May. We didn't acknowledge it and I kind of feel like we should have. She's been with almost two years. What would make a good gift? (She plans to continue to work for us while she gets her 4 year degree).

Ideas? Submissions? Email


Anonymous said...

To #1 and #2, gift down, not up. Your employers should be gifting you, not the other way around. At most buy a card and tell them your feelings.

To #3, money honey. She needs money for school. Nothing talks like cash, especially in $100 bills.

OTNanny said...

For #1, don't offer free work. Ever. It's a bad precedent to set.
For #2, a good developmentally appropriate toy, a classic book they don't have yet, etc. I wouldn't go out of the way to do anything overly special or unique, but a small, useful gift (that's not clothes or trinkets) would be fine.
For #3, cash. She's a student, students need money. Or even better, cash AND a small giftcard to your nanny's favorite caffeine source (Starbucks, or wherever).

Clare said...

1st post: no gift. Show your appreciation by continued dedication. Also, their treating you well is what all goods families do. You should gift them for a major holiday or similar, if you insist on giving.

2nd post: Make something for the baby.

* For nannies everywhere, please don't set a bad precedent and offer free work!

3rd posting: no better gift than a cash bonus and/or gift cards to her favorite restaurant, coffee house or salon. You could treat her to a day of pampering (Mani, Pedi, facial!)

this_nick said...

I will offer free work as a gift if I bloody well want to, kthx. If you're allowing yourself to be taken advantage of that's nothing to do with me and my amazing family, who I enjoy gifting with date nights (which amounts to me staying home on a night I was already doing that and just being the adult present in a house of sleeping babies). I'm over these posts saying "don't do such-and-such because it affects me." Only if you don't have the spine to set and enforce the standards you want. #sorryboutit #byefelicia

Agungf said...

I suggest to buy a corner sofa bed hehehehe