Bad Nanny Sighting at Regal New Roc

Location: Regal Theatre New Rochelle, NY
Date: 7/17 1:40 showing of Inside Out
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, an African American nanny, very thin, with long slender neck. Braided hair in a pony tail, yellow shirt with "runner" logo. Denim jeans. Gold flip flops.
Description of Children: 2 children. One white boy, blonde buzz cut, blue clothing. One girl, pink light up shoes, brown hair with two braids in the front. The girl was probably 3, the boy 5.
Incident: The nanny parked the children and left to go get food. The kids started to fight while she was gone and the boy hit the girl and the girl started crying. I would say 10 minutes the nanny came back and the girl was sitting four seats away no with her knees up and crying. The nanny marched over to her and grabbed her by the arm and yelled at her for moving. She..stll holding the tray of food "led/dragged" the girl back to her original seat. Then she sat down. The girl started to tell her something and the nanny put her hand up and said she didn't want to "hear it now and I damn sure don't want to hear it during the movie." The movie started shortly after. The kids were given like 2 sips of the soda and nine pieces of popcorn, all which they had to beg for. Disgusting display of nannying. Going to see a movie should be fun! And never leave your kids alone at a movie theater, especially NEW ROCHELLE!

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Anonymous said...

So much wrong with her actions. Wow. Hopefully the parents see this.


JM said...

Disgusting! I really hope the parents see this too.

Anonymous said...

As a black nanny I'm sad to have seen a couple of these post to be about African American nannies. I treat my charges with same love, care, and respect. I know bad nannies come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We need to all set ourselves to a higher standard ladies. I thank God for the opportunity He has given me. So Ladies please remember that we are supposed to set good examples for these children.