The Rants, #14

Catherine Campbell
     This is more of a rant than anything else. I am just shocked by some people's ignorance. I came to work on Monday and the seven year old had gotten the 9 year old's stomach illness. I barely had time to consider that I would be exposed to this and possibly get this before I was told by the 9 year old that "you get to be the slave". So what that means is when someone is sick in their house, they take a tv and ipad and tv tray and retreat to their room. They stay away from others so they don't get other people sick. When they are hungry, thirsty or needs something, they yell "Slave" and someone appears to refill their water, bring them crackers, put new batteries in the remote.

     I can't even address this with my employer because the very fact that this is going on is preposterous and would require that I have some sort of asinine conversation.Of course, I didn't participate in this with the kids. I went and plucked a windchime off of the gazebo and brought it to her and I said she could ring a bell if she needed someone. Or for that matter TEXT me. Or for that matter, call me name. The 9 year old and 5 year old told me they liked SLAVE better.

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Unknown said...

I think you handled it the best you could at the time. The kids obviously learned it from the parents or they wouldn't be doing this every time they get sick, so a talk with the parents wouldn't work well I don't think. However, I think you could talk to the kids about how calling someone a slave, is rude and just not nice.

Anonymous said...

Funny I feel like there house girl slave most of the time .It's not the kids fault they only learn this buy there stupid parents.

Unknown said...

As a kid my mom would do this for me and I loved getting all the attention when I was sick. However, we called it, "nurse". That's absolutely preposterous that they would even use the word, "slave"!!! What are these people trying to teach their children?! I'd quit!!!