Mrs. Kravitz

     My neighbor across the street came rushing across the street yesterday to talk to me about my nanny. I was immediately worried that the nanny had mistreated a child. Nope. The neighbor reported to me that she saw our nanny at the Wilton Walmart. The nanny was riding in one of those motorized wheelchair carts.The neighbor took a picture of her, which she had on her phone and showed me.
     I don't get the motorized cart abuse and frankly I don't care. The nanny was not working for me during this time. I didn't really know what to say to her. She seemed to behave like she had a real significant "gotcha" moment.
I responded, "That is odd. She's a great nanny and unless it involved her job, my kids or our home, I really can't concern myself." You'd think that would have ended it politely. No. She started waving her hands around like a mad woman and told me that I should be concerned that she likes to take shortcuts, take things she doesn't deserve and has no character." I turned back to her and said, "Charlotte, I am sorry this has you so upset. You need to relax."
    I got back in my house and tried to shake it off. I felt I handled it okay but I started to seethe. What was her point in doing this? I don't believe that she had any genuine good intentions? The 'kicker' was as I was crossing back across the street she said, "Gloria didn't seem to think it was no big deal when I showed her".  Why is she showing this picture of my nanny around the neighborhood? Isn't the real problem here that she herself was IN a Walmart?
    I have to bring this up to my nanny now, just so she knows.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a PITA neighbor!!!
Thank you for being the voice of reason.

~ The Rainbow Nanny

nannyrobot said...

Your neighbor is ridiculous. Its terrible that she's slandering the nanny around the neighborhood. There is absolutely no point to this, except gossip for a lonely old lady. Yes, please tell the nanny, but be lighthearted about it and make sure she knows that you don't care and what she does outside of work is none of your business.

STAHP said...

Wow! What a nosey neighbor. You handled it well. I think it's silly to be playing around like that, but it's not while working. It doesn't bother me. I'm sorry you have such nosey neighbors

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I feel that is how many people are. Things they choose to do in their personal time somehow reflect how they are in their professional lives? I binge watch Netflix on weekends, does that mean I'm not going to focus on work during the week? It's just a sad attempt to show dominance over an employee (or yours). If that were her nanny, she would be gone in an instant for no reason.

Georgia said...

That is really weird of your neighbor to bring this to you.

I do have to ask - is that your nanny riding on the BACK of the person in the chair? That is very strange. I guess people do weird things sometimes, but that is very weird.

Also, why are you pointing out that the neighbor should be ashamed of being at Walmart? I've never even been to a Walmart, it is a shameful place?

Anonymous said...

Besides the fact that Walmart abuses their employees by low wages/no benefits, I think it was her way of getting in a dig at her neighbor. It has been stereotyped as a place where low income people shop. That was pretty shitty of the OP.

Unknown said...

Thanks for standing up for your nanny!! You seem like a great person to work for.


Anonymous said...

One of the neighbors where I work , a friend with one of my friends , learned that I was having an argument with my boyfriend at the time .They thought that they should tell my employers lol People are just weird! It's like having an inferiority problem.I am not a house slave. I do not work for the neighbors or even the grandparents. I do not work for my employers friends. But for some reason in the past all these people think and act like I work for them lol.They act like they caught the house slave getting out of line and they need to tell the owner. My education and my 20 yr experience should should enabled me to some respect as a working professional.For some reason only in the UK nanny's are respected as a professional.