The Price is...

My former employer of three years ago wants me to come back to work. I left my nanny job to take a job in my field. She wants me to come back because she has had poor luck with nannies in my absence. When I left, I was a live-in making $800 per week for the hours of 7-7, M-F. I would be working as a live out now, except when required to stay over for travel. Every other week, she will be gone Monday overnights. My hours would still go to 7 most nights but she would strive to be home by 6 to have dinner with the children and I could be gone. The children are now almost 2, 8 and 10. She really wants me to come back and she wants to know what wage would be "mutually beneficial".  There is no housekeeping, but making dinner and lots of errands. I was thinking $1100.  She pays on the books and said she will put me got on her insurance after three months. Central NJ.

Need a live in nanny/personal assistant to work Sunday evening through Friday 4PM. Two children are both in school. Must get them up and ready for school, pick them up in the afternoon, help with homework, take them to activities, The day is filled with errands and children's laundry and organization. Dinner and housekeeping is alternately outsourced. Nanny must drive, swim, have a 4 year degree, be a US Citizen, have a clean driving, criminal and credit report and at least five years live in domestic experience.  The person will live in a one bedroom (full) cottage on the property with very nice amenities. My husband thinks for that reason we should offer $600 a week. I am looking for a long term commitment from someone and was thinking $900 on the books. We live in Westport, CT.

I worked as a nanny for 12 years and have super references. I am married and not working for one employer. I am planning to advertise my services for fill in care, booked in advance or immediate replacement for your nanny who is sick. This would be for professional and upscale families only. I was thinking of $25 an hour with a 4 hour minimum and train/toll/travel expenses would be very basic. My question is because I won't be working regular, is it okay to ask for more, maybe even $40 an hour? This service is for people in the NYC area, specifically like those who can't live without the nanny.


Anonymous said...

#3- $900 in your area for your description is spot on. However, please also be open to this without a degree. A college degree does not mean a great nanny and there are plenty of us that have great skills without a degree. I am a special needs and homeschooling nanny but don't have a college degree. I am CPR/1st aid certified, working not only with special needs but also complicated legal situations (new adoption, foster care, divorce, sourced by guardian ad litems for abuse cases, etc). Lack of a degree doesn't an unqualified nanny. GL in your search.


Anonymous said...

This was for #2. Apologies

Sara said...

Number one I think 1100-1200 sounds reasonable. For two I think you're on the right track for a live in. As to three, your part-time rate seems high. Are you not getting enough hours from your current family?

this_nick said...

1. You're spot on.

2. Wish your husband luck in finding someone with all those requirements for $600 - or remind him he lives in Westport, not Tuscaloosa. Your proposed rate is better.

3. For $40 an hour I'd better have six kids. Or a mowed lawn when I get home.

Nena C said...

I'd pay $40an hour for emergency childcare, if I knew her in advance.
But how would that even work?