(The) Trial Period (is over)

      Just a reminder to nannies out there. You have no power. Anything you do can be twisted and you will have no rights. My boss gave me every indication that I was to be hired and that I would be working through the summer. Look what I got on Friday, just in time to ruin my weekend. I busied myself this morning so my head was in the dryer when she left, but I don't even want to see her. I'm afraid to call the agency because they are going to be angry at me too because they won't be getting paid a placement fee. But this is crap, what she mentions here, total exaggerations.
Below is the CUT and PASTE version of the email:
Your thirty day trial ends on Wednesday.As you know, we had planned to sit down with you to discuss the past few weeks Monday at 7PM.  After much thought, I wanted to give you advance notice that I do have some concerns. I appreciate so much of what you have done, but the trial period is a tool specifically to flush out instances where we may not see eye to eye.

I would still like to meet with you this evening, but I don't wish to ambush you. I do have several concerns. These concerns, if not sufficiently and satisfactorily explained leave me inclined not to hire you on a permanent basis.

These are the situations of which I speak.

-Cake making 2-3 times per week is excessive. I also recently learned that you take one tray home with you when you make a cake. Since I didn't know about it, it seems like this was done covertly and I have an issue with that.

-Missing postage stamps

-X's strep throat medication. On 6/2, you gave X her last dose of antibiotics. And then in front of both children, you drank the rest of the medication and said, "so I don't get sick". I understand that may have been a flippant comment but I feel that was demonstrative of a poor role model.

-When you did not leave the receipt for Thursday's (6/11) groceries again, I was able to get a print out from the store. This was complicated and exhaustive, but I just wanted to be sure everything was on the up on up. As you kn ow, when you grocered on 6/5, you mentioned that the receipt is in one of the bags. At that time, I suggested that you keep the receipt with the credit card and on your person. Nevertheless, on the grocery bill, I have found some items that I don't see having ended up in our home and would like clarification on the whereabouts of:
  • 1 lb Twizzlers 
  • 1 package Daisy brand disposable women's razors
  • 4 pack of Sugar Free Monster Drink
  • 1 cheesecake, 12 serving mixed sampler
  • 1 Colgate Spin Brush
-Computer Usage. While I have no issue with you using the computer, the children use it mostly for homework. Not only did you use it for what I would deem inappropriate activities, but you left the children exposed to some of the materials you accessed by not clearing your search history. Examples of the websites visited/searches during work hours:
  • Bulbous penises
  • Penis with big mushroom
  • Thickest Penis
  • High Times/ Buy Marijuana Online
  • How to Vomit
  • Laxatives and Pedialyte diet
I am sharing a copy of this with xxxx at the agency, along with a summary of some of the more positive things we have experienced. If you would still like to meet, please let me know by text before 2 PM.



Anonymous said...

Uh yeah... OP, it looks like you are definitely the one in the wrong in this situation. You used the family's personal $ to buy supplies for yourself and accessed inappropriate material while on the job. Both are grounds for immediate termination, in my opinion. My suggestion is that you learn from your actions and hopefully you will have better luck in your next job. The cake thing probably wouldn't have been a huge issue nor the stamps, but the combination of all the offenses is what did you in.

Tiff said...

Ok! This will sound harsh but if any of that is true, the parents are right! This is a cause for concern. You're a professional. I wouldn't buy myself anything with the family's credit card unless I was expressly invited to do so. Also, the same goes for computer usage. No way would I use a work computer to look up questionable things. Sometimes it's not a good fit and the family or nanny end the relationship. We DO have power. It's called a contract ALONG with vetting the family. Seeing their history, how many nannies they've had, what their deal breakers are etc... Ultimately though, we're professionals. We need to act as such, if she's making all this up, then you are right, but she would have been a horrible boss anyway!

Taleia said...

Other than the cake-making thing, I'm not sure how any of these could be "exaggerated." Seems like you either blew it or you're completely innocent. If the former - good grief, she's treating you REALLY NICELY for someone who seems to have no professionalism whatsoever. If the latter, like Tiff said, she wouldn't have made a good boss anyway!

Amy said...

She sounds extremely fair imo. I wouldn't have been so charitable if I found those searches on a computer my children use. She even seems keen to share the good things she experienced. Anyone looking up those things, especially at work but maybe at all, is not someone I would want as a nanny. And she clearly did not invite you to do your personal shopping on her dime. You should have paid for these things separately. In some ways I really can't imagine how you would expect anyone to take your side in this matter. Are you delusional?

NYCNanny said...

I hope you reimburse the family for your out of line purchases. That is the very least you can do.

And count your blessings that they are being this nice about it. I sure wouldn't be.

Go apply at a temp agency. You dont sound mature or skilled enough to be in this profession. Perhaps a desk job in which your work computer has limited access would be better suited?

Ariana said...

Maybe the boss is just one of those people who sets up the nanny to fail so they don't have to pay the agency. My boss told me to use her credit card to fill my tank every Monday. So I did. This was when gas was almost $4. So one day, they call me in and ask me why I have charged $500 worth of gas in one month to their card and accused me of letting my friends fill up on their dime. When I reminded them what I was told, the mother looked at me and said, "I meant one time!"

Really? How could that be when I drove the kids everywhere 5 days a week! How were they planning to pay for my gas?

Peopole are some maniupulative sones of bitches.

NYCNanny said...

I hope you reimburse the family for your out of line purchases. That is the very least you can do.

And count your blessings that they are being this nice about it. I sure wouldn't be.

Go apply at a temp agency. You dont sound mature or skilled enough to be in this profession. Perhaps a desk job in which your work computer has limited access would be better suited?

this_nick said...

Bullshit detector on maximum.

Nan said...

Ok. If a boss told me to use their card for something, I would make darn sure I got that permission in writing - email or text. I would also seek to have clarification documented. You learn, if you hope to remain in the profession, to cover all your bases.

Nan said...

If my boss told me to charge something to her card, I'd make darned sure I got that permission in writing - email or text. I'd also seek clarification and document everything so that there is no room for misunderstanding. If you're a professional, you cover your bases.

CleaverJune said...

Is this a joke? ALL of what the parent has stated is completely reasonable. Did you really think anyone here would take sides with anyone but the mom? It sounds like you have zero professionalism, and some of the stuff is actually illegal. (use of her credit card for unauthorized purchases is called felonious fraud, as well as taking Rx medicine that belongs to another, also illegal.) Your browser history is like a checklist of reasons to believe you have poor judgement skills and shouldn't be entrusted with the care of children.

You don't deserve the generosity and politeness that you have received by the MB in this situation but I hope that you take a step back, appreciate her magnanimous & professional attitude and beg her forgiveness. That's in addition to repayment for all items you fraudulently stole via her credit card, and the food you stole in the home, like the cakes.

I suggest that you look for work in another industry. I highly doubt the placement agency will continue to work with you, and if they do - I can't imagine how they are reputable.

You clearly have a lot of growing up to do. ALOT. I hope that you can find the lessons in this and make changes in your life. Everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn't make them all excusable. Make amends for your wrong doings and move forward.

If you don't make changes and you continue to do things like steal - you WILL get caught. Ask yourself this, Is any of what you did - the theft, at the behavior, etc. is it worth looking your job and going to jail? If you don't make changes, that's where you'll end up.

CleaverJune said...

*the bad behavior
*loosing your job

Me! said...

I agree with Nick. Shocking!! :))

Me! said...

ITA with PPs!! Are you for real?!?! You STOLE from your family and think she's unfair? Is this real life? How old are you? There isn't anything you can say to justify charging your personal purchases to your boss, taking prescription meds not prescribed for you OR taking food home. Even the stamps are out of line. Reimburse her for everything, offer your abject apologies and hope she lets you keep your job

RBTC said...

i agree with the posters that tell you bad judgement on your part is a reason for a reasonabole person to not want to trust you with anything valuable - finances and especially children

and you do these behaviors in the wrong time and place and you will do time and then have a record

Anonymous said...

I am frequently entrusted with the credit card and I always pay for mine separately. If any of above is true you should be fired.

Good grief! said...

Something caught my eye in your post. You're in your first thirty days. If you're comfortable stealing now, what will you do later?!? I wouldn't give you any further chances if I were your boss!

Anonymous said...

I disagree with everyone that has commented. Obviously you were duped and fired for no good reason! So you made a few mistakes that anyone would make, have a conversation and resolve the issue. Expectations were obviously not clear at all, who doesn't look for thick penises on the internet when they're working? And they had enough money to spare so you could pay for your personal stuff, what's the big deal??? Sheesh, everyone has their panties in a bunch!


You're off your rocker if you think you were at all justified with any of those ludicrous decisions.

nycnanny said...

This is not real. Troll

this_nick said...


Anonymous said...

What an idiot! Porn and trying to buy weed online? Eating disorder diets? Lol that mom let you off easy

Diana Briceno said...

you're idiotic