Errant Waste Disposal/Bad Nanny at Bruce Park

Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT
Date: 06/12/15
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny. She was a Hispanic or Peruvian, about 5'1", chubby, wearing tight denim capris and a white t-shirt with a big egyptian eye on it that had jewels and stuff.
Description of child: light skinned African American or bi racial boy of about 2.5-3. Wearing brown cargo shorts, white shirt with a colar and puppy on the breast pocket and green camoflauge sporty sandals.
Incident: The boy was on the double slide and the nanny was waiting at the bottom for him. Everything was fine. I was walking my little up to the other side and running down. The nany realized the boy had pooped in his pants and pulled him off the slide. I saw her check his pants. Then she was sitting there thinking what to do. (Really??) Then the next thing I know she has her hands in his pants and pulls out a flattened turd with a paper towel and flings it in to the bushes to the right of the slides. Do you know how unsanitary that is? I just stared at her but she looked at me and like through me like "you didn't see anything". I left the area. I think discarding of feces in such a grotesque way puts all of us at risk for disease, not too mention the littering.
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Anonymous said...

Kind of disgusting but I would not bother reporting it here.