Pay Increase Request Shocks Employers

I have been victim to under pay pretty much for forever and only realized it after starting the subsequent job, which thankfully is always an upgrade. I have been trying to acknowledge when I should speak up sooner and be rightfully assertive when needed. I currently work with a family that I hold in very high regard and for whom I accepted a weekly salary three hundred dollars less than what I had in mind.

It is 11 hour days m-f for 2 children under the age of 5. I initially had a break while the younger napped and older went to prek, and will be with the younger only for about 7.5 hours while the older goes to camp and then for 6.5 hours when he starts school. However, I will be with them both for eleven hours everyday for 10 plus weeks when there is neither camp nor school. Each day can feel like I've worked a full week without one minute of silence. Should I be asking for more pay during these days or am I right to feel that it will even itself out when school and camp in running? It is such an easy day when there is that break of only one child whom naps during a portion of the break.

I feel there is such a huge range in what very good nannies expect and my current employer's jaws literally dropped when I proposed 1200 a week. I feel I will need a very professional line of logic to propose additional conditions for my payment. They compensated my drop in pay with about a month and half of paid time off. I have experienced a substantial amount of paid time off due to time they have taken off. On the other hand, I have stayed late frequently upon their request after the expected "staying late when orientating your self to a new family" phase. They give extra money without saying anything for these occasions without a clear line of logic for coming to the extra amount they come to. For example, I was given 20 for car service when I stayed until 8, even though we are in NYC and it will always be quicker by train and then received another 20 in the same weeks pay.

To wrap things up, they are lovely and I want to be around for a few years if my satisfactions remInd consistent. However, as I initially noted, I font want to leave five years down the line and then realize how much I did for so little benefits. I would greatly appreciate the opinions of other professionals. Thanks!

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Nanny said...

Pay is greatly dependent upon your experience and region. BUT I would never accept 11 for one child, let alone two. For big cities, pay usually starts around 18 for a single child 20+ for two. Also, overtime impacts pay. They have to pay overtime for anything over 40 hrs per week. For lateness, I round up. Meaning if they're 15 mins late, they pay 30 mins. If they're 30 mins late, they pay for an additional hour. Daycare where I am charges 1 dollar per minute for lateness.

You're working roughly 60 hrs per week. You're owed for the 20 hrs of overtime. Some nannies take a flat fee. In my experience, that only benefits the family. I charge hourly with a min of 30 hrs per week whether they use me or not. It works for me. Others will have different viewpoints.

Sara said...

I'm in NYC. I don't leave my house for less than 20 per hour. I don't know anyone accepting 11 per hour. That's very low for a HCOL area like NY. Do you get benefits? Holiday, Sick, Vacation pay? Do they provide a car or Metro card? Do you get healthcare? If not, these people are majorly underpaying you! I wouldn't stay!

Anonymous said...

Folks, she never mentioned how much she gets paid. She WORKS 11 hours per day.

Two kids on NY for full days plus over time should bed in the 1200 range. For two kids, I charge $24 per hour in NY, another $10 per hour overtime. This is pretty standard.


Anonymous said...

Good method!

Jessica Simpson NYC said...

If I make $20 an hour, I make a min of $30 for OT. (My weekend gig is a 10 hour day)
My regular nanny job:
I have a job I make $17 at and I make $34 for hours over 10 in a day and $26 for hours over 8 hours.

Angi, you're math is off.

Yep!! said...

Agreed!OT is more than the 10 Angi mentioned. I worked two extra days for my NF recently. 200 per day- not full days either.

Anonymous said...

What on Earth are you talking about "off"? O.o If you reread my post A) there is no " math", I mentioned what I make ($24/$34) and 2) there s a range, not a set wage.


Anonymous said...

I guess neither of you know what the word "another" means....ON TOP of my regular wage ($34).

This is what *I* get paid. They vary person to person but it's in the ballpark peeps.


this_nick said...

She said she makes $300 less than she had in mind, and she proposed $1200, so people are most likely inferring she makes $900 now, because math.

Anonymous said...

That's one way to look at it. I see it as $300 less than initial desire at hire and NOW she made a request of 1200. It's not 100% clear in the OP