Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, CA

Where: Larkey Park in Walnut Creek, CA
When:  Saturday 6/6/2015
Description of Nanny: Nanny was korean, thin, about 5'5", medium length dark, straight hair, very pale. wearing almost to the knee denim shorts and a white tank top with  butterflies. Nanny has one lazy eye.
Description of Child: Boy, white, brown hair, blue eyes, wearing green croc shoes and whitish denim shorts.
Incident: Nanny was on her phone most of the time. Nanny was not paying attention to her charge. Her charge peed in the sand area, a full pee. Even when a mom yelled, "hey stop him", she didn't move quickly, but let him finish. Finish to the point that before she picked him up, she told him to shake it off. Then she used her foot to bury the peed upon sand. Two other moms were looking at her like "what the hell" and her face was like "duh". Maybe she isn't too bright?

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