We love being able to showcase the real, the genuine, the professional nannies out there making the world a better place! Let us know what you think of this proposed new feature. All of these pictures took place within one four hour window.

Follow us on Instagram and hashtag #ISYN to share your nanny pictures. (rainy day, beach, selfies, after hours, at the park.)


bev said...

Wow. I almost cried! That's so rad!

Street Creed said...
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Street Creed said...

#synselfie = nanny selfies (at work)
#nannylunch #isyn = nanny lunch
#thebestnanny#isyn = when you know you're that good
#isynbeach =nannies on the beach with their charges
#afterhoursnanny = nannies exploring their town, out on the town, out, after work
#nannycrafts #isyn = What you made and how you made it
#childrensart #isyn =We'll feature your charge's art and creations
#isynplayground =share your favorite playgrounds

These are the suggestions we have so far. People loved the day in the life because they are curious about another nannies lives and jobs, but thought the daily description was a bit tedious. We are still happy to print them, but we would like another way to showcase nannies and all the great things they are doing

Elda said...

I only usually take pictures in the summer. how about #isynhotsummer or #isynsummer

HappyForYouTho said...

My contract doesn't let me share pictures �� WAH!!!!

Jordan said...

I am a nanny who loves to keep in shape on the job.
I'd share photos under a #fitnanny or #isynfitnanny or ?? hashtag.

jackie blue said...

I love the picz!

Good nanny press!

andrea in Ca said...

I love seeing you promote all the good nannies out there!