Bad Energy

Troy Brooks
Every Wednesday, my boss works from home. It's usually the worst day of the week for me, because she interferes with everything. I will have plans to have sandwiches for lunch outside and then she will pop up and say, "I think I'll take (daughter) to the deli with me". It's only one day so I can work with it. She generally seems to appreciate me, and never complains about anything or corrects anything I do.

I did meet this nanny with a boy the same age, within days of (charge). She happened to be over two Wednesdays in a row and the Mom said something the first time, like "Ew, who does she work for". I ignored it, because she makes comments like that and it makes me feel like a head above most nannies.

This time after she left, my boss called me in to talk to her. She told me that this nanny has a very bad energy and she would prefer if I didn't bring my charge around her. I'm the nanny. I happened to actually like that nanny but whatevs. How do I tell her? We have plans to meet at the bookstore Monday and go to the park after? Just honest? Or will that cause more problems? Just blow her off?

PS My boss also ordered a chair from an estate buying place online. It was very unique, green with a plush print. She had her decorator come and take it away because of the bad energy.
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Nanny said...

If your boss doesn't want HER child around a person - whoever it may be- her child shouldn't be around that person. She doesn't even need a reason. Her child, her rules. I don't understand your issue. Parents have the final say. Not nannies. Also, your comment about "feeling above other nannies because of your boss's comments are off putting

this_nick said...

Can't help here because it's the mom I'd be talking to, not the nanny.

Gigi said...

Your boss may be looney, but she has the final say in everything. Unless she is doing something abusive and/or illegal - it's her way and that's it.

Just tell your new nanny friend that the mom prefer you not hang out with anyone.

Jean said...

You'd only owe the other nanny an explanation if you were friends. Most playdate acquaintances that I meet do not become lifelong friends. We see each other at parks, baby yoga or storytime and that's it.

The mom as every right to decide who can be around her child. It's not up to you to decide if it's weird or inappropriate.

RBTC said...

Part of what you will deal with in life is working for people who are eccentric and even not completely making sense. As the PP posted - it's your bosses dime - she has the right to tell you exactly what she wants with her child as long as it is not illegal or dangerous - you would be subject to firing if she finds out and - yes she will find out

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than nanny and parent in the same house the same time .Hate that! For so many reasons. If is her house her world her rules. Only power you have is to find another job.That is the honest truth of it.