Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers. NY

Location: Tibbets Brook Park in Yonkers. NY
Date: 6/17 @ 1:20-2:00
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny. The Nanny was white, medium height and weight, was wearing silver ballerina flats, blue knee length shorts, young enough to still have comlexion issues. Carrying a blue and silver bag with a large nautical rope on it.
Description of Child: Two children, very close in age or possibly twins. White, olive complexions, about 4 years old. The boy has straight brown hair on the long side and was wearing frayed denim jeans and pink crocs. The girl had brownish hair with orange in it the same straight texture as the boys and it was cut in a blunt bob, probably recently. The girl was wearing a pink dress with a white apron and white dress shoes with lace socks.
Incident: I was sitting near them reading. The nanny had called them over to take a break and have lunch. The girl was hungry and sat down and started to unpack and eat what is in front of her. The boy refused to sit down at all, and started to run from her. She let him get closer and then pulled him down by his ankle. It was unnecessarily rough. The boy then sat with his shirt over his head and said he hated her. She told him he couldn't play until he ate half of his sandwich. She said this a few times. Finally, he came out of his shirt and said "fine". She handed him a sandwich in a bag and he started complaining that it was squishy. He went from complaining to full on melt down in 3 seconds. The way she handled it was to reach over with her fist and smash the sandwich REALLY hard. This scared him into silence and he again withdrew into his shirt. The little girl petted his head through the shirt and told him it was okay.  Then the little girl got up to go play. The nanny gave her 20 more minutes. The kid sat with his end under his shirt the whole time. Maybe this kid has issues, I don't care, there's a better way to handle things. I couldn't take a picture because I was too close.
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