2015 The Firings, #3

     I was fired by text on a Sunday. I had spent the whole weekend buying things and shopping for a winter trip from NY to the Breakers in Florida. I even had to buy a suitcase. The text message said, "We've spoken and we won't be needing you anymore." That's all I got and this was after 9 months of full-time employment taking care of three children. I wanted an explanation. It took me three weeks to get an explanation. The agency that placed me finally got a hold of the mother I worked for. She was dodging their calls too. So I thought I wanted to know why I was fired. Then I hear it. Turns out the mother "couldn't bear the thought of spending ten days with me."

    I have a great firing story for you. I worked for a family in CT for three months. Everything was going great. One night, the garage was left open (a Sunday) and someone came and stole a snowblower, a jeep ride on car, a bicycle and a few tools. And keep in mind...this was Sunday...I didn't work, so I hadn't left the garage open...I was fired...because...Upon reviewing the security camera, the thieves 'looked like friends of mine'. I couldn't even argue that I didn't know anything about that, I was told, 'We can't go forward because the circle of trust has been broken, irregardless'.  <---Yes, he really said that. And this all happened in the span of three very long hours on a Monday morning in front of the three year old child.

     I was fired three weeks in to my job for 'ruining a mauviel heritage pan'. I didn't even know what that was until I was fired over ruining it, I had to figure out why it was so important. I asked how I ruined it and she told me with a disgusted sneer, 'You made scrambled eggs in it'. 

     I don't know if this is technically a firing. I went through an agency and found a job on Park Ave in the city. They asked me if I would be willing to do a 2 week paid trial. I said, yes, of course. The 2 week trial was almost over when the agency called me and said, "they think you are wonderful, but want to extend the trial another two weeks, just to be sure, can you do that?" I said I would. I was getting paid. I loved the job. I was getting to know the schedule, the neighborhood and the children. My last trial day was a Friday. Just like the previous Fridays I was paid by check at the end of the day. When the mom paid me she said, "Thank you, we'll see you Monday.". I don't know if she realized then that the extended trial was over or not. I called the agency to double check with them that things were a go for permanent employment. The agency had to reach the family. The agency gets back to me Saturday night and tells me that I am not to return there. I explained what she said and that everything went well. I asked what was wrong. She told me it was hard to get the mother to say exactly what the problem but finally the mother shared that I was competitive with her and had no sense of boundaries. What? I'm not perfect but those are two problems I don't and never had.

     My nanny family fired me after 4 smooth months when over Thanksgiving weekend the eight year old had nightmares of Jason Voorhees. The twelve year old had showed her some Friday the 13 movies. The 8 year old was really freaked out and the parents were upset. I understand that. The 12 year old told the parents that I downloaded the movies for him on to his computer and that it was my idea that they watch them together so I could 'go do stuff'. None of that happened and no one watched horror movies on my watch!

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