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Here's the scoop. About three weeks ago, my female boss asked me to say I used her car on a Thursday. She didn't say why, she just said, if male boss asks, just say we switched cars for the day. I looked confused and uncertain, certainly. I hesitated. She looked at me, and said, "don't ask" and handed me a hundred dollar bill. She said, "it probably won't come up."  It turns out it never did come up. I was a $100 richer that week.

Piper O'Neill
Cut to Thursday of last week. My boss comes home at lunch time and asks me for a favor. She asked me not to ask questions and said she would make it worth it to me. She told me she would take "child" to her 2PM activity and I should take her phone and take the subway to a certain location. She told me to have lunch at either X, Y or Z, all cafe type places in one corner area. Again I looked confused. I have to admit, the mystery was enticing. She said she's pay for my lunch. She gave me 4 $100 bills, 1 $50 and 3 $20. I did it. I had a nice lunch by myself. I made some calls from her phone and surfed the internet during lunch. When I came back at around 4, my boss asked me to drop "other child" at "activity" and then I could be off for the afternoon. Win. Win. Right?

I had a feeling this had to do with another man. But I don't ask questions. I make a good salary, they even let me use the nanny vehicle on weekends, even though I got my own place and no longer am a live-in. This morning my female boss asked to talk to me. She said she wanted to make plans to go away and "male boss" would be working, would I go? She told me where (great location) and that she really needed a vacation so it would be a real working vacation for me, but she would pay me regular hours, plus 2K. She told me she would be getting two deluxe suites across from each other, but that I would be staying with the children. I'm a nanny, I'm getting paid well. I have thought this situation through and I don't see any way a child could get hurt or caught up in it. (We went over what the kid's days would look like).

I know I am getting sucked in to some weird drama. I have a conscience about it, but I can't help being thrilled by the drama. I know this is so wrong. I really think I need a counselor. The husband has always been decent to me. He's business like, polite and quiet. He's not someone I revel in seeing destroyed or anything, not that he would be destroyed. I mean, I guess what I am saying is I have no dog in this fight. The only thing that is bothering me is that I don't feel bad. I'm just being honest.  I literally am consumed with bad feelings about the bad feelings, Bad feelings about all the extra cash. Bad feelings of being allowed into female boss's secret life.

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this_nick said...

Your obligation here is to the children you nanny. Mom is gonna do what Mom is gonna do, and there's nothing you can do to prevent it. So you have to make decisions about how much you are comfortable in enabling her.

On the one hand, if it wasn't you she'd just enlist someone else, more than likely. On the other hand, if/when this all inevitably blows up, you have to consider you may feel guilty then as the fallout will affect the children.

Anonymous said...

Please go with your gut instinct, she is up to something. To pay you that much extra...You could get into a real pickle that you can't get out of. Yes, money talks, but use your common sense and be careful. Maybe while she is gone you can do some investigating. For your safety I would keep a journal of everything dates times locations extra amount of money to you over your regular pay and anything she talks to you about. Even though she said not to tell her husband, I would talk to him, be honest and direct...She is taking advantage of you and you will get burned. Please keep us posted! I feel bad for you!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, for what she's paying something major is going on. I wouldn't risk my reputation on a couple measly hundred bucks. I'd have told her I didn't want to get involved

Anonymous said...

Your main goal should be to continue this for as long as you can, and please tell us about what happens. This story is awesome!!!

the teaching diva said...

Good grief! This is better than General Hospital and "Jake" not realizing he's really Jason and Liz and Nikolas knowing his real identity but not telling Sam, Jason's I'm sure there are GH fans on this site.

My intuition tells me she's up to something. If she's asking you to do all these things, she's most likely cheating and covering all her bases so she doesn't get caught. DB may have an idea of what's going on, or he may be in the dark.

My advice: while the money is nice, is it worth the drama and the possibility of losing your job should DB find out and possibly firing you for taking part in what was going on? IMO, you are guilty too, because you are helping her with her side dish.

Let her know you understand if she feels she needs a side piece in her life, but you will not help her anymore, no matter how much she pays you. It's not worth it in the end.

Do keep us posted!

Amanda said...

Cash, vacations. She's not telling u any details, c'mon, milk it. Later u can blackmail her! Work it gurl!! Lol

Surprised not surprised said...

Some of y'all are nosy a$$ birches! I hope y'all are joking 'cause this is some ridiculous- and likely fake isht! Good job enabling BS and risking this nanny's job for lunch and a little cash.

amelia bedelia said...

I was in a situation once as a nanny where I could have made bank, but I decided to do the right thing. What happend was inevitable anyway. I was replaced with a nanny who was 1/2 the nanny I was, so the kids suffered on both sides of the equasion. A different situation but still enabling a shitty mom for extra $. If I would have stayed, atleast the babies would have been better taken care of. And then I, and not some crackhead nanny would have a fat bank account. The lesson I learned? If you want to save the world, join Greenpeace.

this_nick said...



Alice said...

A) You do not know this family's private life. The parents could have an agreement, they could hate each other. You no longer live-in, things change, and maybe this is one of those things.

B) While I'd probably have guilt over guilty feelings too, she didn't give you any details and thus you have NO IDEA what is going on. It isn't necessarily that she's cheating, maybe she's having work done on herself or something otherwise awkward and told DB she'd be somewhere at some time doing some thing, etc.

Idk, I'd personally go on the vacation and try to soak up as much kid-time as I possibly could. Make their lives awesome.

If something does go bad, at least they have those fond memories to look back on.

Also- this gives you a chance to save up the extra cash for while you're looking for a new job.

Anonymous said...

Your not doing anything wrong morally or legally. You are doing your job. Adultery is not illegal. If it were not you helping the mom it would most def be someone else. The dad most likely has his own agenda as well. That is why most woman cheat in a marriage anyway. Its cause they are tired of being cheated on. The marriage will prob not last, So have fun, go shopping and enjoy the kids and your time with them.

Anonymous said...

I am SO jealous of this adventure. Please keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

While this is certainly a delicious story, I personally would not be able to stay in this situation. I don't judge people for what they choose to do, but the minute someone asks me to lie for them, I am out. I do not need or want unnecessary drama in my life.

Someone said that maybe the parents have an "agreement," like an open marriage or something, but if that were the case, there would be no sneaking around like this. Asking you to take her phone and go to a certain place tells me that her husband must be tracking her location and/or phone bills. WHEN this all blows up - and it's a just a matter of time - keep in mind that you will not only be out of a job, but if the dad gets pissed off enough that you were aiding and abetting, he could also ruin your reputation, which will prevent you from getting another one. No one wants a dishonest person in their employ, especially one working with their children.

Honesty really is the best policy. Sure, the money is great and very tempting, but at what cost?