Nanny Sighting at Dinosaur Playground in NYC

Where: I saw Your Nanny at Dinosaur Playground @ Riverside Park
When: 5/12/15 4:00 pm
Who: Nanny, short, Peruvian, flat face, no make up, jeans, pink L/s shirt, white tennis shoes.
          Child#1 boy in black stroller, fancyish black pram style with chrome rims. Fair child, wearing a railroad style hat.
          Child#2 boy 3-4, black hair, green eyes, light up blue skecher shoes, jeans, white GAP sweatshirt
What: If this is your nanny, please contact me through ISYN ( I had an encounter with your nanny where I had to explain to her something I felt was dangerous and she seemed to like any perception or acumen at all. She laughed as the older child chomped on twigs and what appeared to be viburnum which is very poisonous.
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this_nick said...

Why is there something poisonous at a children's playground?