Great Nanny Sighting at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ

Where: Reed Park Zoo. Tucson, Az
When: 5/12/2015, between 11:15-11:45
Description of Nanny: I saw Your Nanny, she was Hispanic,short, heavy set, young 20', wearing wide white shorts, white socks, Birkenstock sandals and a paisley print blouse. Blue visor. Name may have rhymed with Ola, but not Lola.
Description of Child: Two girls, blonde with light eyes. Twins. Blonde hair, cut in short identical Bobs, yellow tank tops, white denim shorts with flowers on them and matching white sandals. Between 2-4 y.o.
Incident: I took my children to the zoo on Tuesday and witnessed this nanny in action. She was funny, expressive, energetic and kind. When one cried to get out of the stroller, she got them both out, parked the stroller to the side and ran off to the side with them to get some energy out. One of the girls kept whining that she wanted to go "back to the giraffes". The nanny didn't just talk to her, she got down in her face and said something like, "I know you do, because that was fun. But that is only once in the morning, but since you liked it so much, how about we come back later in the week and DO IT AGAIN" Total enthusiasm here. As I struggled with my one child who wanted in the stroller and then immediately out and back in, I really wanted to steal her! I don't know where or how you found her, but she is my dream childcare provider!
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Nanny said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a great nanny.

this_nick said...

Nice to read a good nanny story!