Bad Nanny Sighting in Lower Manhattan

Where: Lower Manhattan walking down Water Street near Wall Street
When: Weds. 5/20 around 5:45 p.m.
Description: See photo
Incident: I couldn't believe what I just saw. I saw Your Nanny,  pushing three kids in a stroller meant for two, with one sitting on top.  If this were my nanny, I'd be livid.

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thirty something said...

I'm a mom, and if I had failed to provide my nanny with a double stroller with buggy board for my three kids, I would consider it my own fault that she HAD to do this to get my kids home. Every so often, the eldest will refuse to carry on walking, so what's a woman to do? I am sure she pushed it slowly and as carefully as possible.

Anonymous said...

OMG...lady, you act like she put a kid on a roof and drove off. The kid is safe.... It's no different than swing. The kids is safe on top, not running in the street, not flying down the sidewalk. Find real issues to complain about.


respekt my authority said...

Are you kidding? This is NYC. They could have collapsed in a busy street with enough time to save only one child!

A sighting is a sighting.

Anonymous said...

Anal AND drama queen I see.

this_nick said...

This woman has done nothing to warrant her photo being posted here. And how would the onlooker even know what relation she is to the children from this distance?

Scottygirl said...

The woman most likely stuck with a kid who would not walk and no other choice. I am and older person with adult child of my own. I would never report this.

this_nick said...

That scenario would require that she was crossing without the right of way. You're reaching.

Lividnanny said...

Once again, this is why as a nanny I HATE this website.

First off...this nanny...or maybe she's a MOM is doing nothing at wrong.

Second...if I were this nanny/mom...I'd be beyond pissed you posted my picture for the world to see without my permission. This website should be banned. Shame shame shame

this_nick said...

I do think the site is vulnerable to a libel suit if this woman ever comes across this post.