CDO Riverfront Park in Tucson, Arizona

Where: CDO Riverfront Park in Tucson, Arizona
When: 5/19 3:50 PM
Description of the Nanny: Hispanic, pitted complexion, chubby, bushy eyebrows and hair, Mickey Mouse long shirt (like a nightgown?) and short leggings in grey.
Description of the Child: Caucasian boy with very blonde hair and pale skin, wearing pastel plaid shorts and a very dirty t-shirt with superheroes on it. Probably 4-5 years old.
Incident: Nanny or babysitter was on her phone the entire time. Not such a big deal except she was absolutely clueless about where the kid was and what he was doing. They have some springy animals and vehicles on coils. He was climbing underneath them, sneaking up on other kids. This would have been fun, if it weren't so dangerous. He snuck underneath a pink car that another boy was on riding really enthusiastically. So the kid crashes into his car. He laid there crying underneath the thing and didn't move so he got popped like four more times. I looked around and didn't see who was watching him. I had to pull him out from under there. When I pulled him out, I asked where his Mom was but he took off running after kicking woodchips toward me. I had to go back to my own THREE children, so I wasn't watching him. I was waiting for my daughter to come down the long slide. I just had directed her old brother to walk her up there and stand with her. the little cretonne comes next to them and jumps in front of my daughter and slides down towards me. He was kicking his feet like he was swimming- I think in hopes to hit me. I stood back as he flew by and told my daughter to wait. When the kid passed me, I got a whiff of purr unadulterated shit. The kid had just shit his pants. It was too late to stop my daughter who slid down right after him, Lord only knows what feces drippings she mopped up with her sundress. So the kid starts picking up woodchip and throwing it at an adult and a child.The adult says to me, "can you make him stop" I look at her and say, "He's not mine!". She looks confused, stands up and looks around. We see sitting with her ass on a table, under a Ramada the above mentioned Hispanic. She's calm as a cucumber, twirling her hair. The woman asks him, "Is that your Mom?" He says, "That's my babysitter". The woman looked at me and I said, I'll walk him over there, just keep mine here. And I walked towards her. You would think she would have walked towards me since I am walking with her child. What if I was going to bolt to the parking lot? When I reacher her, she looked dramatically up from her phone and said, "yessss?". I asked, "Are you supposed to be watching him". She says into the phone, "I have to go now and deal with this lady" and then to me she says, "I am having a private adult phone call. I can see him fine, I just didn't want to have a conversation that kids could hear." I don't even know what that meant. I felt really bad for him then and I said, "I think he needs you, He may need to use the bathroom. have a good day" and walked away. He started screaming to go back to the playground. She caught the smell and said, "Oh no, Billy, did you do a poopie??" Well she wasn't mean about it. What she did is lickity split pulled off his pants, pulled out the underwear, flung the big, flat turd over her head (ie towards the picnic tables) and then put his shorts back on. She shoved the underwear in her striped, canvass bag, from which she then pulled out a bag of green grapes and walked towards the playground with him where she let him play more. I gathered my kids and got the hell out of dodge.


Bad mom sighting said...

The only issues I have with these sightings posts is that the OP seems to have all the time in the world to note sitter's clothes, attitude and actions. All the while making disparaging comments about the sitter's appearance. But can't take the time to be present and engaged with her three children! Focus more on your kids and stop calling kids names!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1st Commentor - I can only assume you are a bad nanny/mom yourself. Everything I read could have been in a matter of a couple of minutes. Anyone that is a responsible adult would be aware of their surroundings and notice everyone because you just never know what information you may need later. This mother did nothing wrong and its a good thing she posted here.

The sitters behavior is deplorable, disturbing and disgusting. I do hope the parent sees this and fires her! SMDH - The sitter didnt even realize someone was "taking" the child - granted to her but she put this child at risk.

-Angi, Nanny of 30 years

Bad mom sighting the second said...

Third commenter, I'm a great parent! I have two girls and a little boy. I practice situational awareness and teach my kids to be aware, but while at the park, my focus is on my kid. I would notice a dangerous or suspicious notice and would have not hired the nanny in this post. However, the OP took the time to make mental note about the nanny's appearance and disparage her. That time is better spent focusing on her kids. She even took the time to point out that the child is misbehaving (attempting to kick adults etc...) I appreciate the village attitude at parks where we all look out for each other's kids, but each parent or caregiver is responsible for their own.

this_nick said...

Where did she disparage the nanny's appearance? She disparaged the nanny's behavior, which wasn't very good and should be disparaged. This observer didn't have much choice but to intervene as this kid's behavior affected others, including her children.

And yes, there are people out there who can handle their own kids and manage to observe and intervene with other kids if needed. Why you're so offended by her ability to focus on multiple things at once, I don't know.

this_nick said...

I want to see a sitcom character based upon this nanny. That is all.

Bad mom sighting part three said...

Maybe you missed the part about the nanny's appearance, but it's there. Also the mom in the op doesn't seem to be paying attention to her kids. She left her child(ren) with another parent- whom she didn't seem to know- to walk the nanny's charge back to her. Multitasking is very much a needed skill as any parent or nanny will tell you. Some people can do it. This mom didn't seem to do it well. This offends me because I see too many moms at the park, baby yoga, music class or story time worrying so much about the nannies' performances that they end up neglecting their own kid.

RBTC said...

i am glad this blog is back up as it was very informative - i hope the negative aspect may be gone - there were nannies who hated the blog and would insult and harass the OPs - i still see this happening a little - i hope no one gets discouraged over this - thank you!

the teaching diva said...

I remember babysitting several years ago and we were at the McDs playland. My charge, a 4 year old, was running around, being a boy, getting energy out. Another child, a girl of about six, was also there, and her mother was doing her nails or something, not paying attention to her child.

The girl was hanging from a bar overhead. I'm watching mom to see what she would do, and nothing happened. The girl started slipping, and she could've gotten seriously hurt. Mom didn't see anything, and still wasn't paying attention to her. I jumped up and grabbed her, quickly having my charge stack blocks for her to land on so I could help her down.

The mother looked up, and yelled at me about helping her child. She said she was watching her child just fine, and didn't need my help.

She was yapping on a cell phone and doing her nails. How is she watching her child?!

This nanny sounds lazy, gross and rude. If her application came across my desk, I wouldn't place her in a position. No need to go into details as OP described how gross nanny is. If I were OP, I would've contacted the police. Adult conversation or not, the nanny can find another time to chat.

OP, do you know if there is a local board where you can post this so the parents see it?

this_nick said...

Of course she describes the nanny's appearance ( as do all such posts -- how else would the child's parent know it's their nanny if they come across this?) She isn't disparaging about it; she just tells what the woman looks like.

Nowhere does she say she left her children with someone else. She says she walked the other child over to his nanny; she didn't leave the playground. That this post offends you because of the poster and not due to the nanny's behavior seems to indicate you're more concerned with trying (and I assure you, failing) to discredit the whistleblower than you are with seeing this child gets better care.

this_nick said...

And I'll correct myself; I looked again and it does say she asked the other mother to keep her children at that part of the playground when she walked over to confront the woman. Which still isn't leaving the playground; no doubt she wanted to spare her own kids whatever crazy this woman could potentially unleash. The OP didn't leave them somewhere she couldn't check on them.