Bad Nanny at Carl Schurz Park

When: 5/8 Thurs.
Time: 12:30
Where: Carl Schurz Park
Description of Nanny: Very fat nanny wearing tight white capris showing lots of cellulite, very wide faced AA, approx 25 years old, 5'5" wearing a white t-shirt with a metallic gold cat on it.
Description of child: Boy, 3.5 years old. Brown hair, Boston Red Sox t-shirt, blue cargo style shorts, brown TEVA style athletic sandals.
Incident: The child kept coming to the nanny for snacks and drinks. The nanny was sitting there gabbing with another nanny who was holding, and possibly breastfeeding her charge. Yes, charge. The nanny was AA and the child was very white. The friend nanny had a giant scarf she kept adjusting over herself and putting the kid under. But that is not the point. I sat reading a book behind and to the right of this scene, watching my own child who was the same age. My son was playing with the other boy. When my son came for a drink, the boy would go to his nanny but she would say, "not now".  Go use the fountain. This woman was not going to move. She sat there and ate an entire pack of fig newtons, three fruit roll ups and a single sized bag of pretzels and two boxes of raisins. I only noticed because, the kid was hungry and asked for food. Every time, she shooed him away like a bad dog and said, "go play, go play". My child was drinking from a large water bottle we carried with us or I would have offered the child some of our drink. The last time, and this was after a good hour, the child went and asked for some water, she sent him away again. Then not two minutes later, she is bitching to her friend about the heat, opens up a bottle of water and pours it on her face and head and drinks the rest of it. It was the oddest site. Here you have two nannies side by side. What could they possibly have in common? One is tending to the most personal needs of a child, literally giving of herself. The other won't get off her fat ass. Ignored the child. Acted pissed off at him. And ate his food. And drink.


Anonymous said...

This is the weirdest post. It's so weird that I think it's fake.

brandi said...

Have you never been to a NY park during bad nanny season? I used to live in Park Slope. I could have submitted 10 sightings a day.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in NY. It seems that NY nannies and employers are so bad that they deserve each other.