Covering Maternity Leave

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     I'm a pregnant full time nanny. My family is letting me take a maternity leave that we need to discuss. I am paid off the books. I need help with a list of things to talk about since my leave will most likely be unpaid. I am going to ask if I can put any unused vacation days so I can have at least a week of income(but then what do I do if I need days off after the baby is born?). I know that I need time off to recover and bond with my baby, but since I may not be getting paid, I will have to cut it short. What else should I bring up? We already know that the baby will be coming back to work with me. I would love feedback from nannies who have had a maternity leave while being a nanny and parents who have dealt with a nanny who had to take a maternity leave and come back. All subjects and info is appreciated! This family is very good to me. Thank you for your help!


henrietta said...

Your employers are assholes if they offer you NOTHING! Two weeks minimum is a good faith maternity leave even for ridiculously poor employers.

s mann said...

When nannies have to deal with scum employers who don't offer maternity leave, in some states, the nanny can go on short term disability. Check the local laws. Call your human services department. I know people who have done this. But the very idea that women who work as nannies (most usually a luxury service for families) are draining our tax dollars because their scummy employers won't fit the bill is total BS. PS I also know nannies who make $800 a week off the books who have free health insurance and foodstamps.

Corina said...

What shitty employers you have. Even if you basically work until the day you give birth, you will need to recover. I know you mentioned you will have to cut the time short. But at least they can do is find a temporary nanny. So you can have at least a month to recover.

Listen to s mann see if you can go on disability. But I would think family would get in trouble for not declaring taxes, and you as well. So just be careful! I hope you can get disability and at least spend first few months with your child.