2015 ISYN A Day in the Life, #13

I work an unorthodox schedule, and just about every day is different for us. Believe it or not, this is a pretty typical day. I have 11 year old twin girls. This is really two days, but when we travel they run together like this.

6:00- Wake up. Dress, make myself look presentable. At 6:20 I hear Twin 1's alarm clock go off on the baby monitor I have in my room. She turns her music on.

6:30- Leave my apartment and go to the main house. Go into Twin 2s room and turn on her music. They each get to listen to two songs before they get up to get ready.

6:55- Both girls are dressed and I've done their hair for school. I remind twin 2 *again* that she needs to put her glasses in her backpack. She's complaining about having a cramp so I make a few jokes about their periods starting (they yell at me but they're smiling). We go downstairs for breakfast. The other nanny (L) meets us in the dining room.

7:00-7:30- We eat breakfast; it's french toast today which is one of their (and my) favorites. At 7:30 we go to the car which is waiting outside, and ride to school.

8:30- Arrive home from taking the girls to school. Sometimes while they're at school we have nothing to do and we can just relax, but today we leave for a trip so I have to make sure everything is packed.

9:00-13:00- Pack, pack, and more pack. For the four of us (two nannies and two kids) we have 11 bags. We're heading to a colder climate so the clothes are bigger, and we need to bring everything for school in three languages since they'll be missing lessons while we're gone.

13:00- Eat lunch with the other nannies and teachers. There are times during the year when the family and staff is spread out over the world, so we really take advantage of the times when we're all together.

13:30- Make sure my bags are completely packed, and bring all of the luggage to the front door so it can be taken to the airport in advance.

14:30- Get a snack for the girls to eat in the car and travel to pick them up. Head straight to the airport from school. In the car the girls are excited about the upcoming trip.

15:30- Arrive at the airplane. Greet the pilots and flight attendants, and then relax. We have to wait for the girls' younger brother to arrive so we can leave. The girls have something to drink and get themselves settled. They start working on the stuff that their teachers sent with them so they won't have as much to do on the trip.

16:30- Everyone is on board so we buckle up and take off. The kids play and goof off for a bit and then start a movie.

18:00- They pause the movie for dinner. The kids know that there aren't really any rules on the plane, so they choose to sit on the floor to eat while the adults eat at the table. There aren't any parents on the plane so it's very relaxing and fun for just the nannies together. We all eat dessert and then the kids start their movie again.

20:00- The movie ends and everyone gets ready for bed. Children and adults change into sleeping clothes and brush teeth, and everyone goes to their usual sleeping places, aka bedrooms or couches. The flight attendants make the couches into beds and I end up on the L shaped couch with twin 2. They fight over who I will sleep with.

2:00, or 8:00 in our new time zone- Wake up for landing. We all brush our teeth, change clothes, and eat something chocolate croissants for "breakfast". Dress the children in layers for the cold weather.

9:00- We've landed and been cleared by customs, and we get into the cars that are waiting for us. We take the short drive to our favorite hotel.

9:30- The girls are anxious to see our rooms. We don't have the same ones as last year but they're great anyway. We have 3 suites and 2 bedrooms all in a row for them and their brother.

10:00- The luggage arrives and I unpack while the girls play on their iPads. They want me to hurry up so I tell them it will go faster if they help. They do, and have fun and are proud of themselves for taking some responsibility for their own things.

11:00- I order tea to the room. We drink tea and have a snack, then get into our ski clothes. We head down to the shop to get fitted for skis and snowboards and meet the children's instructors for the week. We see some of our favorite staff from years past and are happy to be with them. Once we're ready we get into the van to take us to the mountain.

12:00-16:00- We ski! We're all out of practice and completely exhausted, but very happy. We take the train down and the van back to the hotel, and relax for a few minutes.

17:00- DB has arrived at the hotel so we go to the lobby to greet him. He tells us the plan for the evening which includes a cocktail reception and formal dinner. We go back to the room to prepare.

17:30-19:30- The girls shower and put on the dresses and tights that I've laid out. I used to get a lot of resistance about dressing up, but they've gotten so much better and don't have any problem putting on the fancy clothes. I shower after them while they blow dry their own hair. When they're finished they play on their iPads and I dress and do my makeup as fast as I can. Then I do something to each of their hair.

19:40- We go down to the lobby with their brother to wait for DB. Once he comes he greets everyone and we all go to the cocktail reception together. The guests are mostly people we see often, so we walk around talking and meeting anyone new.

20:30- Dinner begins. Nannies, teachers, and children are at one table together, and as always it's always the fun table. We all joke and laugh and have a great time.

21:30- The children start to get tired so we take them back to the room. They get ready quickly and get into bed. I'm sleeping in the same room with twin 1, but I'm not ready to go to sleep so I say goodnight to both of them, leave them with the other nanny, and go back down to the party.

22:30- DB has gone to bed but there are still quite a few people there including some of my friends, so I drink some champagne and eat dessert. There is singing entertainment which is fun. The drinking and singing lead to dancing, and before I know it it's after midnight.

00:30- One of the other staff walks me up to my room because I'm a bit tipsy and I sneak in and brush my teeth before crawling into bed without waking twin 1. Just day one in a long line of days like that.

*We spend 2 weeks at this location and have the best time. Skiing all day and fancy parties at night :)


s mann said...

What do you get paid for that?

this_nick said...

Did you mean "what" or "why"?

this_nick said...

If this is real it would be many people's ideal job. I could do it as the sole nanny, but as one of two there just wouldn't be enough for me to do to feel needed, I guess. That said, for most you are living the dream - enjoy!

this_nick said...

(It occurs to me some won't realize I'm joking - I am.)

Corina said...

Sounds like a great job. Even if you have busy times a lot of downtime. It is really nice there are other team members. So you never get completely lonely.