Ads of Ill Repute 2015, #3

Portland, Oregan
Uh, excuse me WHAT? You want someone to come live in your house and watch your kids FOR FREE, is this an advertisement seeking a homeless babysitter? Wtf. I need 24/hr care for a MONTH, no pay, no people or pets can see your children other than this 'live in babysitter'.. Um, wow. That's gonna cost you about $10,000, sir/ma'am.
Thanks for being 420 friendly I guess, but uh.. $10 an hour is way too little for someone that has to ARRIVE at 6am. :( Also, why even mention 420? .. It's so unnecessary.
'United States' is code word for SCAM on Craigslist, fyi potential employer. Also, 20-25$ a day? Good luck with your abducted child.
'Single Mom' is code word for 'cheap, probably drives a BMW though'. The reason you're having problems finding someone to watch your daughter for a swing shift position is you are not trying to pay fairly, I'm assuming. :D
No, I will NOT give out my private Face Book profile so you can stalk my personal beliefs! They have NOTHING to do with my work as a childcare provider, and why would you need it if the person caring for your kid will be in public, where you can see them the entire time!?
This doesn't sound sketchy AT ALL.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Ad #1 Ad#2

Oneonta, NY
I've heard that before.

Ontario, CA
"I see the clowns buying crack." Now that's a party.

Huntsville, AL area
Long hours, laundry, housekeeping, expenses paid. Small salary. Let me jump on that.

Atlanta, GA
As an Atlanta nanny, I beg of you, do not combine these two positions. Do not set this precedent. My boss had me baking cobbler and roasting hens last week. I can only hope I sufficiently f#cked it up.

If this was planned by your church or girl scout troop. But some random spazz on CL attempting to collect girls 5-12 for an overnight pajama party sounds major sketchy.

Seriously, who would take this job? Who? You make $150 a week, but you can get a day job. If you can fit it in between 12 hour weekend days and the crushing daily schedule and floor mopping.

Greensboro, SC
If you had a lawyer, wouldn't he/she tell you not to post this?

Lancaster, PA
I hope this chick is like 12.

Indianapolis, IN
And this is how babies get stolen!

Phoenix, Arizona
Lady, stick to babysitting for friends and family

I'm gonna go ahead and suggest you prepare for more than just a little baby daddy drama.

Dallas, TX
6 days a week, nanny for 6 month old and housekeeping. Yeah, $900 a month sounds about right.

Shohola, PA
Do they seriously not realize they are describing modern day slavery? Slaves lived on their owners land too! Seriously!!

Colorado Springs, CO
Consider yourself warned.

NYC Area
I can see some underpaid nanny trying to supplement her wages.
 I find it comical that the pay is $200 a week, with 'most' major holidays off. But hey, you get to drive an Escalade. Like a boss.


this_nick said...

A few of them near the beginning aren't bad (Facebook lady only asked for a link OR pic), but them they just go off the rails into a pileup of wrong. What are people even thinking in their heads?

this_nick said...


Anonymous said... one- yeah- the pay is nice but wonder how nanny will ever get a life. Nanny will be more like a stay at h one. Work all day and have ro get in midfle of night with newborns. That nanny will absolutely get no sleep.

Anonymous said...

Nanny would absolutely no life. Questionable parents- why don't we just hire someone; so we don't have to do anything...

Anonymous said...

I"m really not sure what the problem with the "single mom" one is. She probably works the 3-11 shift at a hospital or something and it sounds like this is a sudden move and she knows no one in the area. Sure, it seems rushed, but there seem to be a lot of assumptions being made just because she's a single mom. I'm a nurse. I've worked the 3-11 shift. Thankfully I have a husband because I cannot imagine how difficult it is to find child care coverage for that shift.
I know its popular for this site to hate on parents and act like they are all out to screw the nannies, but come on. It really doesn't paint this forum in a positive light when you make ads like this seem way worse than they are.

Alice said...

Anonymous - I think the point is that likely the people who submit these have either been in contact with the people, or have worked for those like them.

Most of these are atrociously bad. I would say the 'single mom' one is the only one that's possibly passable as far as examples of humanity go.