Starbucks @ 47th. & 8th. in NYC

Location: Starbucks in Duffy Sq on 47th Street.
Time: 3:15 PM 4/6
Nanny: Older, maybe 50,60, White hair, accent, possibly Polish, heavy set, wearing a white and floral printed shirt and purple pants, brown smart walking shoes, possibly therapeutic.
Child: Boy with black hair, white or mixed race. Freckles, curly hair, prominent nose, cute, wearing,blue corduroy pants and a yellow shirt with FOZZY the Bear on it.
Situation: I was exiting the stall in the women's restroom when the boy came in. I went to wash my hands and he told me, "I have to go pee". I looked around. No one came in. This made me nervous, since he and I were the only ones in here. I said, 'go right around the corner, are you by yourself?'  He said, 'No, I am with my nanny she is eating her cake'. I waited until he went in the bathroom. I heard him start peeing, but he didn't shut the door. I went outside the bathroom and stood outside the door to make sure that no one else came in. He came out seconds later and skipped over to a table where "Nanny" sat eating her cake and drinking a hot beverage.  I went to the table and said, 'Hi, I saw your little guy in the bathroom, looks like he could have used  a little help'. She looked at me and said, 'He's a boy, what help does he need to make a piddle?'
I just looked at her and kind of stammered, 'You just never know who is going to be in a bathroom, he's little'.
She looked at the boy and said, 'Are you fine? Did you piddle'.
The boy said 'Yes'.
The nanny looked at me and said 'We are done here. Go now'.
The little boy was tiny. And the nanny wasn't even looking for him to come out of the bathroom. She was reading a magazine with her eyes on her cake and her magazine! I would never leave my little child in the care of someone who so doesn't appreciate danger!


Sarah said...

How old was the child? I would at least stayed at the door and keep an eye on him...

Angi Martin, nanny of 30yrs said...

Hopefully thd parents sed this but she could have been his grandmother. Poland, Russia and Ukraine sometimes call grandmothers "nanny"