Columbus Circle in NYC

Location: crossing Columbus Circle from 8th and over to Broadway
Time: at about 1135 this AM. (Monday 4/6)
Nanny: Nanny is black with beaded braids in the front of her hair only, dark complected, wearing a short sleeve flouncy yellow shirt with black jeans and muck like boots
Child: Daughter is white,  had straight brown hair, wearing a red and yellow windbreaker style jacket and red pants.
Situation: I saw your nanny on her cell phone, crossing Columbus Circle at about 1135 this AM. She had your approximately 4 year old daughter with her. . The nanny had her hand and ear to the phone and was not paying attention and dragged your child by her arm, lifting her off the cement because she wasn't paying any attention. You can break a child's arm that way. I wanted to follow her. She was speaking loudly into the phone and dragging the girl by her right hand. She has no interest whatsoever in that little child! I wish I could tell you more. It happened too fast to get a picture. But at least two, maybe three people yelled at her before she got hit by a cab. Her response was to look back and glare at people. This was a very bad scene!

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Anonymous said...

She got hit by a cab???

pcl, nyc said...

I think it says people yelled at her or she would have got hit by a cab