Kohls in Victorville, CA

A man says he was walking across a parking lot in Victorville, California, when he saw a woman pulling a toddler out of a Kohl’s store by his hair. He started filming the incident (video below) and recorded what appears to show the woman hitting the 3-year-old boy with a tablet device as she strapped him into his car seat. The man, who goes by the name Edward Moneyhanz on YouTube, uploaded the video on April 2 and has since garnered more than 22,000 views. The woman in the video has been identified by the Victorville Police Department as 39-year-old Yvonne Camargo. Though the video title identifies her as the child’s nanny, the police did not disclose Camargo’s relationship to the toddler.
 **Warning Language


paulette said...

She isn't acting like a mom. Not even territorial. When a bitch mom gets caught she starts justifying. I want to know what happens.

Sarah said...
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Anonymous said...

She pushed the ipad a little hard on the child but that was it. I don't get it. You didn't show her pulling the kid out by the hair.
If you felt the kid was in danger why didn't you just call the cops instead of standing there video taping?

gg said...

cops were called

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Thank you for standing up for that innocent baby.

dana richard said...

This is sad...
But good lord, if u r gonna submit a video in the name of doing what's right, atleast be a little more mature than the person you are videoing. Looks like she hit him in his face which is HORRIBLE!
She really should not have been doing that. .not at all! But calling her names, instead of just calling her out, is too much. (My opinion, sorry)

Corina said...

Come on Dana. It was a heated moment.

Anonymous said...

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