Pricing out a Portland Gig

Kiki Ibanez
     Any info appreciated; Portland, OR. Offered a gig that includes 24 hour care from a Tuesday afternoon, until Sunday. LO's are; 6 year old boy, and 3 year old girl, who is potty trained. Boy attends school from 8:30-2:30, 3 year old would be with me all day. Family would be providing the vehicle for me to drive. I would have to bring my two dogs with me (with their kennel and familiar things), who are SUPER friendly and affectionate towards kids/animals/anything really, and of course would be kenneled if we were not in the home.
      What should I offer as a rate? I really enjoy working with this family and want to keep the relationship amicable, but also fair. The family is doing research on a fair rate, as am I, and we have agreed if they are completely off that we can probably work something out in the middle. I am currently only doing 'date night' and sitting gigs, so my rate is $45 for up to 5 hours, and then $5 an hour after that. Obviously that doesn't seem fair, since I'll be away from home and the comfort of my own things. Thank you in advance for any help! I have a few days to come up with a number, so I'm looking for as many responses as I can get.


unicornnanny said...

180 per 24 hour period or more. 180 would be equivalent to $60 flat fee while children are asleep (assuming 12 hours) and $10 per hour during the day. If you have a lot of experience, it should be more. That comes out to 900 per week. No reductions for room and board since you are on duty while sleeping. I wouldn't go any lower than 800 unless they are offering extravagant benefits.

Me! said...

My overnight fee is 100-150 per night while kids are sleeping + regular rate during all awake hours. I also charge overtime where applicable! My preference is to be a live-out nanny, so any time I'm asked to sleep away from home, I charge enough to make it worthwhile for me.

unicornnanny said...

By the way, as far as pricing goes, your area is one factor but I will give you my nanny rates to give you an idea. I have 5 years professional experience in childcare including nannying and managing a daycare in addition to early childhood education (no degree) and I am a licensed emergency personnel. $10 is for a basic nanny with no housework and no experience. I only give relatives that rate because I am not a basic nanny (except for maybe a side date night gig where the kids are sleeping and I'm sitting on my butt reading all night). $13-$15 is my basic rate for one child and no housework (except directly pertaining to the child.) $16-17 is my rate for 2 children. $18-20 is my rate for 3 children. For a SAHM, I take my rate listed above and average it with a housekeeper rate (working for a SAHM usually requires a lot of housework, whether they admit it in interview or not). For example, a housekeeper is around 20 per hour. My rate for 2 children is 16 per hour. So for two children, I would charge a SAHM 18 per hour OR charge 17 per hour plus a flat fee per week for deep cleaning which I do on my own time (usually nap time or during time off). Usually somewhere between 130-250 per week, depending on the size of the home. I know that was long, but I hope it gives you a good idea of how to price yourself.

Lacy said...

$9/hour for the first 5 then just $5/hour after; your vastly underpaid. Your States Min wage is $9.25/hour! Illegal, time to re-negotiate a better rate.

I have broken up each day per minimum wage rates, with OT (when it applies). In CA 24 hour care doesn't have to pay for 8 hours of sleeping-so long as the employee gets 5 hours of sleep; and each wake up for assistance is paid (I round each wake up to one hour)

Tues noon- Wed noon $148; 12-8 regular, 8-4am sleep; 4-12 regular. 16 hours-- but 8 hours of unpaid count toward OT

Wed noon- Thurs noon--$185--same. 32 hours w/o sleep; 48/hours with sleep (8 hours count for OT)

Thurs noon- Fri noon--$222; all hours including sleep have gone past 40 for the week; all work hours are OT

Fri noon- Sat noon--$222

Sat noon- Sunday noon-- $222

At just basic minimum wage for your area Tues-Sunday. With children who sleep through the night on the "perfect 8-8-8 schedule" $999 for the week. This doesn't include an away from home fee or sleeping in "not my bed fee". Personally I would charge 100-150/night/day for that inconvenience... even though your bringing your dogs, your going to have to kennel them (I'm sure you don't usually do that at home).

Add on an extra 500-750.

OP HERE said...

Thank you so much for the responses.

Lacy - I do know that I'm undercharging, but this is how I get my networking done. I feel it's a fair 'dinner and a movie' rate for families who may not be able to afford to pay a 'nanny' to come to the house and watch the kids. That being said, I do 'real' nanny work too!

Professionally, before this, I was charging $12.50 for 1 kid, and $15.00 for 2. I had two different families (one family had 1 boy, one family had 2 girls) that I worked with part-time. My rates included a bit of assistance with kid related laundry/bedding (1 load of laundry washed/folded/put away per day), and also washing a load of dishes in the down-time while kids napped, etc.

So I should charge them my $15.00 rate. What about when the oldest is at school? Do I drop the rate to $12.50, or would it be fair to keep it?

Thanks for the break down! I think with all the help from y'all, I can present a pretty fair case in my favor. :)