ISYN Day in the Life 2015, #11

7:15 Set table for kid's breakfast. Wake up kids if they are not already watching tv in family room (which they normally are). Wrangle three half awake kids to the table. Help them get their breakfasts ready -- cereal, toast, Nutella, waffles and on some special mornings eggs and bacon, which the kids like to help make.

7:30 Unload dishwasher from previous night and lay out lunch boxes. Ask if anyone wants to buy lunch at school today (they are allowed once per week) and prepare lunches. Usually they have sandwiches or leftover pasta. Make everyone a healthy morning snack for school as well. Mom and dad are either still getting ready upstairs or are on their way out the door.

7:50 Finish making lunches as kids finish breakfast. Remind at least one child to clear their plate. Head upstairs to get clothes on. Youngest and oldest usually pick out their own outfits, and mom or I pick out middle child's (he just isn't picky about what he wears).

8:10 Youngest and oldest are dressed and brushing teeth and hair and washing faces. I'm helping slow poke middle child get his clothes on still, because he was doing god knows what (staring out the window/laying in his brother's bed) while the others were getting dressed.

8:15 Oldest is downstairs with shoes and coat on ready to go to school. Middle child is finally dressed and brushing his teeth. I do the youngest's hair in the chosen style of the day (or a pony tail if we are running late).

8:20 Everyone is downstairs and are hopefully putting shoes and coats on. I send them outside to play soccer for a few minutes to get some energy out.

8:25 Walk, bike, drive to school (depending on weather, how early or late we are, and after school activities).

8:40 The latest we can arrive at school before they are considered late. Remind everyone to have a good day and I will see them after school. They run off to their collective doors and are ready for another day at school.

8:50 Arrive home from school drop off. Clean kitchen from breakfast explosion and reload dishwasher. Wipe down table and any visible crumbs/messes. Give cats food and fresh water.

9:00 Make myself breakfast and watch Kelly & Michael while I sit for the first time in 2 hours. Catch up on Instagram and Twitter and any tv shows I missed the night before.

10:00 Head upstairs to start the daily laundry loads and clean up kids rooms and bathroom.

10:30-12 Go to Zumba or Yoga some days and other days take a nap.

12:00 Head out to do errands (grocery store, family errands, personal errands, shopping) or go to the gym.

2:00 Return home to have lunch and switch loads of laundry. Vacuum the downstairs about 3x a week. Straighten up downstairs and prepare any afternoon activity bags and snacks.

3:00 Head to school to pick up kids.

3:30 Play dates, activities (soccer, gymnastics, Dutch school, more soccer), carpools, arts and crafts at home.

5:30- 6:00 Return home with some or all of kids. Set them up to do homework while I cook dinner. Send them up for showers or join them upstairs for a bath.

7:00 All kids are home and showered, in pajamas, with homework finished. Kids watch a bit of tv while I am finishing dinner.

7:15-7:30 Set the table and call kids for dinner. We eat and talk about their days.

7:30 One or both of the parents usually arrive home at this time. (Some days they will not arrive home until after 8, so I put kids to bed myself. They are pretty good about sending texts when they will be late, so it isn't a huge deal) They will join in for dinner if they are home at this time.

7:45 Finish dinner. Kids are allowed a bit more TV or some iPad time. I clean up kitchen with parents help if they are home. Load dishwasher and turn it on.

8:00 Head upstairs with kids. If parents are not home I do whole routine with kids. Brush teeth, go to the bathroom, fill water bottles, tuck in bed. If parents are home I help assist because the kids can get a little crazy!

8:30 Everyone is tucked in and youngest and middle are most likely sleeping. Sometimes the middle and oldest have trouble settling down and I have to go up and give a warning about losing iPad time for the next day. This usually silences the chatter and giggles.

8:45 Finish cleaning up kitchen from dinner and do quick pick up of downstairs.

9:00 I'm off duty and retreat to my room to watch tv and prepare to do it all again tomorrow!
*Live in Nanny in Greenwich, CT and have been with this family for 8 months. I take care of three really great children, ages 6,8,10. 
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Corina said...

No way! Too many hours! How do you have a life, outside of work?

Kat said...

I take issue with Nanny and Mom picking out middle kid's outfit, but not the younger or older kids outfits. Is he special needs? If not, that is wrong. He should be able to do so.