Ads of Ill Repute 2015, #2

(formerly CL-WTF)
"Screw you Marquita and your mind games!"

"She is a very emotionally unstable, Extremely Racist, lazy, lying and very unprofessional woman. I mistakenly hired her for just only a week trial and she did not fulfill her duties the entire week'" 
(*One screen shot could not contain all this madness, to read the whole, visit the link above.)
"This mom's screening process is grueling. Sigh."
"You don't want to pay fair, you'll be in the home, you have a TINY house, and you have 4 kids under 6 who you want to 'clean up after' themselves? Lady you should just learn to take care of your OWN kids, since what you're saying is you want your employee to incur all costs related to taxes, so you can reap the benefits. :)"
"You ALSO want to 1099 (DHS 1099s regularly), and you can only afford 2.77 an HOUR?! You make WAY MORE off of those kids than that, so good luck with filling that job too!"
  "'You had me at Staten Island', said no person ever. Who would work for $375 a week in some ratty SI house where you probably share a bathroom with the whole tragic family?"

"I'm too sexy for this job"
 "Bitch please, $250 a week and you want me to be in shape? For $250, I'm counting on helluvalotta snacks, and I won't be moving like at all."

"Because $100 a week would be too little"

"The hell I will"
 Depending on which ad you look at, this guy has 2,3 or 4 kids of his own. And where are they while he's sewing and playing midnight manny?
"Stacy, where are you? And why did you put a stop payment on this check?"
"Um,  $5 per kid & $10 per day?  So that equals ? Why don't you drive? And why don't you have custody of your daughter. Lots of red lights on this one"
"You might want to bring a dictionary for that sit down"
"But if he/she wants to earn actual money, they MIGHT be able to work in her restaurant"
"This is in the childcare forum. Can't imagine how this could possibly go wrong"
"don't get me wrong, he sounds great, if not too great? Those finishing, prep and Ivy league schools..was your path to mannydom deliberate? Is Dad okay with this?"
"Why not?"
"Clearly there were no warning signs that this might not work"
She stole your 6 year old's tooth fairy money. Be glad she didn't steal your six year old! No excuses for hiring a stranger with no background check! No sympathy for you! 
"She soon will be having a criminal background"

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brenda said...


MissDee said...

Madison/Lola. Worked as an escort and gave massages. Very distinctive with the hair color and tattoos.

Imagine if some family felt bad and hired her as their live in nanny, and the husband or a friend of his was "friends" with Lola. Lol

I worked in a childcare center in inner city Milwaukee. There was a girl on staff who was a suspected prostitute with a pimp. The girl was sweet, but she was really screwed up in the head and childcare wasn't a good fit for her professionally to change her life. One of the other staff members said the girl should stick to dancing, because that's what she is good at.

Perhaps Madison should do the same.

Amanda said...

1 & 2 are clearly related

TMT said...

Nice collection. (applause)

nc said...

I didn't see anything wrong with the manny one. Yes, you would need to do reference and background checks like you would for anyone you might hire, not just because it's a guy...