How much does age matter?

Besides the normal qualities of a good nannies I wonder whether age matters when mommies chose a nanny My friend is an experienced and matured nanny.she is health conscious and hardly get sick.she swims and exercise often and she looks 10 years younger than her age.she is energetic and positive .she has excellent and checkable procedures is to send her resume and id to families but she is unsuccessful in getting even an interview...Is it because of her age??

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Ex nanny said...

I gave up looking for work after 30 years as a nanny and 2 interviews in 18 months. I guess people want cheaper inexperienced nannies.

Angi said...

Most often, yes. Many parents cant wrap their head around the fact that there are older-nannies out there that are still active with the kids. They can only look at themselves (they may be getting too tired) or their own parents. Its very aggravating. Im in my 40s but I look mid20s and I get active with the kids in my interviews so they dont ask me my age.


Anonymous said...

How abt 50 looking like 40

Anonymous said...

I am 66 and nanny for grands of a family friend. Kids are 3 and 5 and I have been with them 5 years. Many grandparents provide childcare for their own and I have seen many older nannies.