Good Nanny Sighting at Monona Public Library in Monona, WI

Where: Monona Public Library, Monona, WI
When: Saturday, 4/18/15 1030a-1145a
Description of nanny: White, plus sized curvy, 30-40. Striped shirt, yellow sweater, capri jeans, flip flops, messenger style Marylin Monroe bag
Description of children: Boy 3-4 with striped shirt and gray shorts, and infant girl wearing light pink onesie with brown dots (I believe their names are Max and Lily)

Your nanny is fantastic! Nanny chatted with a mother whom she knew and her child; from what I heard the child was in nanny's old preschool class before leaving. Max and the child played together for a few minutes before separating. Max wanted to play with child but nanny explained that maybe the child and his mother wanted to spend time together-she engaged Max in play and allowed him to explore without being harsh. While Max was busy, nanny was very engaged on the floor with Lily, who was crawling all over. Nanny, who periodically checked her phone for texts every so often, did not leave the children to fend for themselves-she was engaged with both children constantly. Nanny also encourgaed Max to clean up after himself. When it came time to go, she told Max they had five more minutes to play, but Max didn't want to leave. She explained to him it was time to go, and that they would ask Mom when they got home if he could come back to the library later. He wouldn't move, and kept telling nanny no. In a calm manner, she guided Max over to the Lego area and encouraged him to clean up, and explained that they were leaving because Mom was home. Max gladly cleaned up his creation and got into the stroller without an issue. Nanny said good-bye to the other child and mother, and left.

What a wonderful nanny. I was very happy to see an active nanny who really loves her job, and it was evident by how she interacted with these children how much she loves her work.

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