JJ Byrne Park in Park Slope, NY

Where: JJ Byrne Park
When: April 20, Monday at 2ish
Nanny: Black, with long braids with bluish tips and white beads. Medium height and weight. Wearing a white half shirt and acid washed jeans.
Child: Boy about 16 months. Brown eyes, curly brown hair. Wearing khakis and a little collared shirt. No shoes.
Incident: Nanny was holding the boy because he didn't want to be on the blanket or in the red, grey and black umbrella stroller. The nanny was on her phone. I think it is a Samsung Galaxy 6. The little boy kept pulling at her hair, as kids that age do. She was very rough how she jerked him around. Then she put him on the ground and he cried. When she picked him up again she said "I'll cut off your hands you pull my hair". I cant count that as sarcasm as the kid wouldn't understand it. He only would understand the mean tone she used. At that point, I said, in the nicest way possible, "he's so silly, he doesn't know better" And she looked at me like I had thrown a plate at her head. She said, "What do you know about what he knows? What do you know? You don't know nothing, that's what you know". I'll admit, she rattled me. I was there watching two young children of my own and I didn't want them to be dragged into any ugliness. I tried to get a picture when I left the park and turned back towards where they were sitting but she was still staring me down with crazy eyes.

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this_nick said...

If you see a nanny jerking a child around roughly, call the police! The likelihood is that she won't be charged with anything, but the parents will be notified, so problem solved. I notify the police if a *parent* is handling a child roughly, let alone a nanny.